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The 3 Reasons Businesses and Professionals TryBean:

1. You have an upcoming event and need a speaker to bring the fire.

2. Your company is looking to grow and requires transferrable skills training.

3. You are looking to grow and need a sherpa to help you conquer your personal Mt. Everest.

If ANY of these sound like you...

ABOUT TryBean Speaking

Your Audience Deserves a Presenter Who Will Knock Them Awake, Aware, and Ready to Take Action.

Let's face it, the speaker can make or break the event.

The right combination of material and delivery has a lasting impact on ALL who experience it.

You want someone who will understand your needs, co-create the perfect experience with you, and then take the audience on a wonderful journey.

Terry Bean is that someone. Let's chat!

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Why Finding Harmony Matters

Casting a Positive Stone

Companies, Universities, and Associations Who Love to TRYBEAN.

Terry Bean has coached, trained, and delivered keynote presentations to entities of all shapes and sizes.

How a Strategic Guide Helps You


Here to make you feel heard, understood, and ready to take YOUR best course of action.


Therapist. Wish Granter. Strategist. Clearer of chaos. Prioritizer. Best friend 4 hire. Kicker of A$$es.


We should chat if you're looking to level up your team in the areas of Communication, Leadership, Mindset, or business growth.


High Value Low-Cost Ways to TryBean

Be Connected - My First Book


I used to get frustrated watching people who were lousy at networking. Then it dawned on me...how would they have learned how to network?

I broke networking down into 5 very simple categories:

1. Why Networking works

2. What you need to know before.

3. What to do at an event.

4. Ways to network online.

5. How to keep it going.

Click that buy book button to learn more.

Finding Harmony... My 2nd book


This book became the definitive guide for "Mindset Matters.

If you wish to level up in all aspects of your life it starts with the stories we tell ourselves.

Originally written to provide guidance to his daughter, this book has become a sought-after tool to help people lower stress, reduce anxiety, and increase joy by helping people find what matters most.

More details by clicking buy book.

Find What Drives Your Behavior


Behavioral Elements is a new way to look at the primary and secondary drivers of human behavior. There is a fully functional assessment that will provide you great insights that you can use for you, your teammates at work and your partner at home.

Once we understand what is driving the behavior we learn how to behave more intelligently.


“I worked with Terry to publicize my book and to be a TEDx speaker. He was masterful in helping me get crystal clear on my message and give a powerful delivery. He quite brilliantly crafted my talk with me and connected me with the just the right people. Terry will inspire you, nurture you and connect you! I plan on working with him as a rabbi, author and speaker for years to come. He is absolutely the BEST!”

-Rabbi Tamara Kolton, Ph.D.

"Terry is a difference maker for people. He is a leader that really cares about others and helping improve their lives. He does a fantastic job developing, coaching and leading others. I highly recommend him to other business owners. His true expertise is public speaking and he does a brilliant job engaging his audience because he has passion about his topic.”

– Jeff Clatterbaugh Independent Bank

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