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Be Connected - My First Book


Networking, often confused and misunderstood, is crucial in the business world, but it's not about linking computers; it's about connecting people.

Maybe we should rebrand it as "Relationship Marketing" or "magNETworking".

Networking enables business growth with minimal investment but requires effective execution. Many engage in networking, yet few excel at it. This gap is attributed to a lack of proper networking education and the non-mainstream nature of the skills involved.

To address this, I wrote a book divided into five sections:

  • Why Networking Works

  • ,Pre-networking preparation

  • Conduct at events

  • Online networking strategies

  • Post-networking follow-up.

    The book, titled "Be Connected", is a concise guide filled with strategies for effective networking. It's ideal for those starting a business or entering the workforce, available on Amazon and in person from the author. The importance of networking is likened to 'word of mouth' advertising, a powerful tool in business, yet often overlooked or misunderstood.

Finding Harmony... My 2nd book


"Finding Harmony," originated from a series of essays written by Terry Bean for his daughter, who faced some unusual trauma in her first 18 months of college.

After watching her stabilize, we pondered the wider benefit of these writings.

With the help of writer and graphics pro Alexandra Borzo, we expanded the work into a full book.

"Finding Harmony" offers 32 lessons and activities aimed at addressing stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges by refocusing on what matters most.

This book guides readers through dealing with root causes, past traumas, and recognizing triggers, aiming to change habitual focus and offering a new perspective on life.

The book also includes a companion workbook with exercises to internalize learning. The authors aim to guide readers on a journey of self-discovery and healing, offering a signed copy of the book right here.

The Finding Harmony Workbook

Find out what matters most...

While this is the perfect companion to the Finding Harmony book, it is also does quite well on its own.

It's filled with images and thought-provoking questions designed to help you find harmony where you most need it.

Yes, reading the book is helpful and this is available for free with book purchase.

Because you're cool, and here, you can take advantage of this offer too. All you have to do is click that link above, supply a name and email address, then the fillable PDF will be magically shipped to your email.

Pretty easy, right?

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