What Drives Our Behavior

Curious about what drives human behavior? Dive into the fascinating world of Behavioral Elements, where we decode the core drivers behind our actions.

Our approach is grounded in the groundbreaking research of Harvard business professors Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria, who identified four primary drivers:

The Drive to Acquire

The Drive to Bond

The Drive to Defend

The Drive to Learn

In the quest to make this knowledge accessible, we've aligned each drive with relatable elements:

Air for the Drive to Learn: Innovators who thrive on creativity.

Earth for the Drive to Defend: Stalwarts who prioritize structure.

Fire for the Drive to Acquire: Motivated go-getters with a competitive edge.

Water for the Drive to Bond: Collaborative team players who prioritize harmony.

Understanding these elements can revolutionize how you approach interpersonal dynamics and decision-making in your organization.

Through Behavioral Elements, trybean, LLC offers tailored programs to help businesses:

Increase sales and market effectively

Foster stronger teams and reduce conflict

Develop exceptional leaders and lower turnover rates

Ready to unlock the secrets of human behavior and propel your organization to new heights?

Proud to Announce that I'm a Behavioral Elements Certified Guide

The free assessment will provide you with your primary element. It's a great way to see what drives you most frequently.

The elements do not operate in a vacuum. All four of them show up in different ways in every decision we make. For $75, you can see exactly how the elements impact your behaviors. The report is loaded with actionable tips for you to use with yourself and your team. It's definitely worth the investment and that intel is shared from the same assessment as the free one, so you're only investing the 10 minutes to learn, once.

If you'd like to learn more, I'd LOVE to chat about this!

Of course I would, my Air is highest, Water 2nd, Fire 3rd and way down near the bottom is Earth. LoL

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