Believe there is a positive change in Detroit

Detroit is ready for change. Not just the tiny incremental change that no one notices, but the type that defies logic and makes them the comeback story of the decade.

The timing is right. This place is right. The energy is right. The only challenge is the mindset of many in AND around the city is way wrong.

The good news is that is totally ready to be changed too. And change it will. Fast. It’s a shockingly small number of people who need to be receptive to the idea of change before we can actually experience change in the collective consciousness of the Detroit area.

Once a change in our collective consciousness happens real change becomes possible. 313Dlove is a movement to make that change happen faster.

We will enroll Detroit’s faith based community. We will enroll the local media. We will enroll business professionals of every color, faith and ethnicity. The bottom line is everyone needs to come to this message (read truth) through whatever way is most familiar to them. And the truth is this:

Detroit has had a rotten go of it since 1967. Sure there have been moments of triumph but nothing like the years before and certainly not like what lies ahead.

The key to Detroit’s forward progress is to fully forgive ALL past transgressions by everyone and move forward from right NOW.

The moment a fraction of our areas total populations believes we can, we will begin to be totally reborn as one race: HUMAN in one neighborhood: THE ONEDERFUL DETROIT REGION (aka The entire old 313 area code as it existed before 810 began in 1993) embracing one religion: LOVE.

We are connected to enough people ready for change whose energy will create the change we seek. It’s time to begin coming together to live out our city’s 207 year old motto:

We hope for better things. Out of the ashes we will rise again.

This city is about to be set ablaze with love. It will be the best fire our area has ever experienced. It’s amazing what we will see once the flames settle down. We will no longer look at one another only with our eyes which can deceive but simply our hearts which will allow us to believe.

Our shared belief in a better future is precisely what will make it possible. And as I’ve been saying for a number of years: “As Detroit goes, so does the rest of the country”. I think it’s about time the word “country” gets changed to “World”.

Will you join us in the 313Dlove movement? You can help us RIGHT NOW by DONATING to a project you believe in.

The mindset of relationship marketing

Without the right mindset you wont attract the right individuals into your life. Consider this: everything you have in your life was put into it by you. This includes all the good and bad you experience now as well everything thats happened until now. You even chose what family would raise you. Heavy, eh?

You are a co-creator in this existence. If business is good, your spouse is wonderful and life is a bowl of cherries keep smiling and being grateful for it. If life is mostly good and the tough times aren’t so bad know that you can always make them better just by being true to you. And the worse your life is the truer that last statement becomes.

Before you can bring the right relationships to you, you need the right relationship with you. You need to fully understand who you are, what value you can offer to others and how they can assist you. When you’ve got that, be comfortable helping others when you can and asking others for the help you need.

Nurture the relationship with you and realize the relationships you need will be attracted into your life. It’s easy to do once you get clear on what you want.

You are here to do great things. Its a mighty big world and we all have a lot to do. My man John George of Blightbusters says it best: “Many hands make for light work.” We are truly better together.