5 Steps to Networking Mastery

We have all heard that it is not what you know but whom you know. BARNACLES! It’s all about how you are known. This brief, impactful training will teach you how to become an individual to whom people want to refer more business.

You will learn…
– why networking works
– how to be ready to network anywhere you are whenever you are there
– which online sites are worth your time
– how to identify your ideal referral partners
– the components of a solid ask
– how to grow your business

Consider attending if you are frustrated with the results of your current networking; uncomfortable networking but know you need to do it more; or have a new position and want to increase your pipeline. The better we all get at networking, the better all of our networking will be.  Speaker: Terry Bean, Founder of Networked Inc. and Motor City Connect

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Nothing better to me than helping other people find what they seek.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 248-224-1326.

5 steps to building better business relationships faster

Since “All business is relationship business” you need to understand how to build better relationships. Fast.

This video (5 steps to building better business relationships faster) includes 5 areas on which you can focus. You’ll notice a couple of recurring themes:

It’s important to give first

It’s not really about you

If you can master these 5 areas, you’ll be doing great!!

Big thanks to Joe Venuto of SoPlat for bringing his camera over and filming me while I shared these thoughts. Special shout out to Michael Angelo Caruso for “loaning” us his patio in beautiful downtown Royal Oak.

Business. Networking. Training.

What’s the best form of Marketing? You know this, you’ve heard it time and time again. It’s word of mouth. A good referral from a trusted source is almost “money in the bank”. Since that’s true isn’t it vitally important to get more referrals? Of course it is!

Many of your best sales pros are probably already doing “some networking” both online and face to face. Are they doing it right? Only your CFO knows for sure.

What about other people in your office. Wouldn’t it be great if they were bringing in business too? They have a network. Why aren’t they? If your company is looking to add revenue, I have some training classes that can help:

The 5 U’s of Networking: This class gives a comprehensive overview on what is needed to Network effectively both online and in the real world. We discuss why Networking works, what you need to know before you begin, how to work an event, what to do after and touches on some crucial online tactics.

Social Media for Business Growth: Companies who have one person responsible for social media are truly missing the golden opportunity. This class goes into the What, Why and a little of the HOW to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course, LinkedIn to grow business.

60+ Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn: Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn isn’t some infomercial; you can’t just set it and forget. The class moves quickly and even your resident LinkedIn guru will learn dozens of new things on how to use this uber power tool for business.

How Likes, RTs and Shares Grow Business Now: This class takes a detailed look at how to engage others on all the cool social media platforms. We will dive into the  hows of using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to your businesses advantage.

Content Mastery: While this isn’t necessary for the whole staff, this is a class you’ll want people to take. Ever wonder why some people post and get a bunch of likes and you get crickets? They know how to turn an interesting phrase. And after this class, you will too.

These training classes run for an average of 90 minutes. All classes are tailored to meet your company’s specific objectives and the cost includes a pre-class consultation and post course support for attendees.

Here’s a few recommendations:

“Go out of your way to hear Terry Bean–and then move mountains to get him to your organization/community/business. I don’t often smile with delight at the back of a workshop room but I do when Terry Bean is presenting. I hear a lot of speakers on a variety of topics and Terry is one of the best. Knowledgable, entertaining, personable–Terry is a speaker that creates a relationship with the audience and then takes them to magical place where ideas and information come fast and furious. Great content is delivered on the wings of inspiration. If you appreciate talent, intelligence, creativity and humor–then you’ll appreciate working with Terry Bean.” Penny Shanks Executive Director- Clarkston Chamber of Commerce

“Terry spoke to Michigan Technological University alumni at career networking events recently in Ann Arbor and Sterling Heights, MI. In addition to a motivating (and humorous) presentation on the value of networking, Terry spent considerable time connecting with guests both before and after his talk. He also took the time to research Michigan Tech and incorporated many references to the school in his talk. We will definitely engage Terry again and would not hesitate to recommend him as a speaker to other organizations.” -Brenda Rudinger, Director of Alumni Relations, Michigan Tech University

Here is a link to many endorsements and 70+ recommendations I have on LinkedIn.

Looking for other training? I have extensive knowledge in customer care, communications, sales, marketing and Universal Laws. Additionally, I am one of the most connected people around and am always happy to refer the right connection.

12 things to consider while networking online

This was written in 09 and is every bit as germane today. What would you add to it?

1. Have a plan. Understand what you want to get out of your online networking time and what you have to give to it.

2. Upload your address book. This step will allow you to grow your networks faster. Larger networks lead to more opportunities.

3. Realize the importance of being interested over being interesting. Networking isn’t only about what’s in it for you. It’s about what I can do for you, what you can do for me and what we can do together.

4. Ask good questions. Social networking is really all about conversations. One of the best ways to engage others in conversation is to ask questions.

5. Be interested in helping others. Without a healthy interest in the well being of others, any networking will be a total waste of your time.

6. Make connections. Know two people that need to meet? Introduce them. Networking sites like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook make this very easy to do.

7. Shine the light on others. By helping to spread the word of others you actually help spread your own word as well.

8. Spend time working your online network daily. It doesn’t have to be all day, and it shouldn’t be overwhelming. But you do need to make a consistent effort on this.

9. Alter the time you are online. Most people are creatures of habit and are online at the same time everyday. If you want maximum exposure, mix up the times so different people are seeing your message.

10. Upload a photo. People do business with people. Having a photo online makes you human, accessible and more interesting. This is true regardless of how bad you think the photo is.

11. Find another medium by which to connect- Can you meet them in person? Do so. If not, pick up the phone. It’s great to connect online over keystrokes, but it’s also important to do voice to voice or face to face networking.

12. Get started. There isn’t a reason you can conceive that would exonerate you from doing this. Online networking is the most important thing to hit the internet thus far. If you need help, call me!

Turn relationship marketing into relateWINship marketing

This post originally appeared on Continuity Program’s website on 11/30/2011.

I’ve been saying for years that “all business is relationship business.” It’s no surprise that relationship marketing has become the most important form of marketing there is. Relationship marketing is ideal for customer retention, lead generation and brand awareness.

But this post isn’t simply about relationship marketing. It’s about a very important aspect inside of it. It’s about creating win-win relationships. Kirk King, President of Continuity Programs described it best when he recently stated, “Business relationships have to be win-win. When everybody involved thinks, ‘This is awesome!’ the relationship continues.”

And isn’t the continuity of business relationships what matters most?

We have all heard how much more difficult and more expensive it is to land a new customer than to continue working with an existing one. Think how much better off your business would be if you were able to cross-sell your additional products and services to your past and current clients. How would your business development efforts change? How would your business grow?

The key to win-win business relationships is to understand the expectations on both sides and treat them as the minimum barometer of success. If you are a service provider, do more than just provide the service for which you are being paid. If you are the customer, do more than simply paying the invoice on time.

Take the time to understand eachother’s needs and how you can be of assistance. The assistance provided could come in the form of professional introductions, knowledge sharing or simply being a sounding board for one another. At the very least, make sure you each understand what an ideal referral looks like for each other.

Moving beyond the traditional vendor-client relationship puts you in the category of Relatewinship. When you reach this level, everyone is happy. Everyone is winning. And as Kirk King so aptly pointed out, the relationships continue.

Click here to contact Terry Bean.

Kirk King may be reached at 800-521-0026, kking@continuityprograms.com, or by filling out the Request Information Form on this blog.

MagNetworking Defined- a new concept in relationship marketing

I have long been seeking a new word to describe business networking face networking in of itself just doesn’t do it for me.

For starters networking is already a well known verb in the computer world. Its the act of connecting computers. Sure one can argue that the act of connecting people could use the same word but is it really the same? Imagine if to network people we had to have wires run between us…or worse we continually had to reset the wireless router that was supposed to be connecting us. Now that would be fun.

The other downside is that networking and networkers have earned a bit of a bad rap. Multi-level-marketing aka network marketing has had a negative impact on networking. Similarly some individuals who have misunderstood the core tenants of networking have made it uncomfortable to attend events. You know the ones who come at you, hand you their card, tell you all about them and then move onto the next unsuspecting victim. Its really not their fault, where does one learn how to network properly?

What if there was a new normal in networking? One where people understood the ground rules from the beginning and participated for mutual gain?

Two of my favorite things two speak on have been networking and leveraging the law of attraction.

In fact I named my business Networked Inc and my logo is an N shaped magnet.

This got me thinking that maybe networking should be combined with attracting. And what better way to represent that then combining the word magnet with word networking.

Please join me in welcoming magnetworking into our vernacular. Magnetworking is defined as attracting what one seeks by leveraging both the universe and their network.

The process of magnetworking will be explained further in future posts and will be fully explored at our 11/17 presentation.

I shall look forward to MagNetworking with you real soon.

Relationship Marketing Readiness Assessment

You need a clear concept of who your ideal customer is. You need the ability to effectively communicate that to your entire network. You need to fully understand who is in your network. When you have these three things, opportunities to close more business will constantly show up. Businesses THINK they aren’t closing enough business. The truth is there would be a lot more business closed if there were a lot more of the right door opened.

• Do you understand who your IDEAL client is?
• Do you know how to reach more of them with greater frequency?
• Have you ever considered your online and offline business networking strategy?

If you said “NO” to any of these questions, we should talk NOW. I have put together a 130+ question “Relationship Marketing Readiness” assessment that will add tremendous insight to your business. This survey will help small business owners answer these important questions:

• Are you connecting with your ideal audience? Are you sure you even know who they are?
• Are you connected through digital marketing as effectively as you should be?
• Are you connecting to the knowledge you need and attending the events that would most benefit you?
• Are you connected to your past clients, current business partners, vendors and employees in a way that makes them want to refer business to you?

The results of this assessment will be used to assure you’ve identified your target client/business partners, are leveraging online and real world networking effectively and to craft your perfect ASK (if you’re wondering what the ASK is, check out the F/R/E/E download on the homepage of this site).

You will increase the number of QUALITY referrals you receive almost immediately and be able to receive more anytime you want. Even better is that when you execute this system properly you will achieve greater income, with fewer clients in less time.

If that interests you, now would be a great time for us to chat. Pick up the phone and give me a call or use the “contact Terry Bean” function on this site.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Who do you know?- A lesson in relationship marketing

As a former recruiter those four words in that specific order were invaluable to me.

Recruiting is nothing more than a gigantic game of “kiss the frog”. You only got paid after kissing the one that turned into a prince. The best way to find more frogs to kiss was to ask the ones you were kissing who they knew that have skills similar to theirs. You could spend an entire day making calls just by asking that one question. Think about it who knows the talent pool better than those working in it? They give great referrals.

For your business to have continued success you need great referrals. For you to find the career you seek, you need great referrals.

The best way to get great referrals is to understand exactly who you want to meet and ask the relationships you have who they know who could make that introduction. These four words are also helpful if you want to ask in a more general sense to as in who do you know who owns a restaurant.

These four words make it easier for your network to sort through their mental Rolodex. And the easier you make it for them to do that, the easier you make it for them to give you a referral.

The mindset of relationship marketing

Without the right mindset you wont attract the right individuals into your life. Consider this: everything you have in your life was put into it by you. This includes all the good and bad you experience now as well everything thats happened until now. You even chose what family would raise you. Heavy, eh?

You are a co-creator in this existence. If business is good, your spouse is wonderful and life is a bowl of cherries keep smiling and being grateful for it. If life is mostly good and the tough times aren’t so bad know that you can always make them better just by being true to you. And the worse your life is the truer that last statement becomes.

Before you can bring the right relationships to you, you need the right relationship with you. You need to fully understand who you are, what value you can offer to others and how they can assist you. When you’ve got that, be comfortable helping others when you can and asking others for the help you need.

Nurture the relationship with you and realize the relationships you need will be attracted into your life. It’s easy to do once you get clear on what you want.

You are here to do great things. Its a mighty big world and we all have a lot to do. My man John George of Blightbusters says it best: “Many hands make for light work.” We are truly better together.

Online Networking NOW. Intro-Advanced level social media presentations

I’ve been giving presentations on social media since before they started calling it social media. Whether your audience needs advanced techniques on how to grow business through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more or are simply just learning how to fill out a profile, you need to Trybean. His ability to read an audience, answer questions effectively and deliver knowledge in easy to understand language is priceless. Bring Terry in to educate, inspire and entertain your audience now!

Business Power Tools – An introduction to using Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to grow any business NOW

The buzz is everywhere. Business Week, Wall Street Journal and CNN are reporting about it. Oprah, Larry King and Aston Kutcher are chatting about it. Your competitors are doing it.

Whether you call it social media or social networking or web 2.0 or internet marketing, the question on every professional’s mind is this: “Is social media a complete waste of time or an essential power tool for business in a post phonebook world?”

The simple answer is “yes”.

Amid all of the distractions, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter are emerging as the essential tools for marketing your business in a tough market. Join Terry Bean from Motor City Connect for this entertaining and educational seminar as he takes you through the tools and rules of social media. You’ll learn what works, what to avoid and how to use Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to grow your network, engage prospects and generate profit. Get ready to kick your internet marketing presence into gear.

This session can run for as short as 30 minutes and hit the highlights or we can take deep, deep interactive dives that can last as long as 2 days. There is no shortage information and explanations on how you can best use these tools for your businesses’ needs.

Here is one of the 75 plus endorsements that have been written on my behalf:

“Terry spoke to Michigan Technological University alumni at career networking events recently in Ann Arbor and Sterling Heights, MI. In addition to a motivating (and humorous) presentation on the value of networking, Terry spent considerable time connecting with guests both before and after his talk. He also took the time to research Michigan Tech and incorporated many references to the school in his talk. We will definitely engage Terry again and would not hesitate to recommend him as a speaker to other organizations.

Brenda Rudiger
Director of Alumni Relations at Michigan Technological University