Bob Burg

Super excited to be bringing my friend and networking mentor, Bob Burg back to town on June 26th at Lawrence Technological University.

Bob will be sharing his “Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way” presentation with an audience of over 200 professionals. This will be a great opportunity to connect with new folks while learning some tips that you can implement immediately.

Here are the highlights of what you’ll learn that day:

  • Quickly cultivate new prospects — whether or not you have ANY existing contacts.
  • Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money.
  • Instantly connect via what Bob calls, “Feel-Good Questions®.”
  • Instantly deepen that new connection via the “One Key Question” that will set you apart from the rest.
  • Really use social media as a truly effective, profitable, business-building tool.
  • Model the one SECRET all superstar salespeople use to get to the top.
  • And much, much more!

Bob has been teaching people how to network more effectively since the mid-90s and he is regarded as one of the best. You’ll love his style, humor and ability to engage the audience. The information is immediately implementable and it can take your business to the next level.

Buy tickets early and SAVE BIG. We’ve got special pricing from 5/20-5/22. Details will be posted soon.

If you’re interested in seeing a couple of promos you can click HERE to learn about Endless Referrals and HERE to learn about Price vs. Value.

Want to hire the best speaker in Detroit?

If your event has a presentation component you certainly should be. What criteria will you use to select them?

Of course you’d want them to keep your audience engaged while delivering a memorable message that’s on point. Even better if your audience is able to enjoy the ideas while they are being shared and be excited to implement many of them upon departure.

My name is Terry Bean and I like to make up my own words and deliver inspiredutaining presentations. I’ve been blessed to deliver over 100 presentations to thousands of fully engaged participants and about 17 bored ones so far.

I’ve shared the stage with some of the world’s best presenters Bob Burg, John Assaraf, Chris Brogan and many of them are right here in Detroit: Josh Linkner, Shawne Duperon, Michael Angelo Caruso and Charlie Wollborg.

While I may not be the exact speaker you seek I would be happy to talk about your event and help you find the best speaker for you. After all, life is too short to have lousy speakers.

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Relationship Marketing 301: Two ways to get known, liked and trusted FASTER

My friend Bob Burg has said it thousands of times “All things being equal, people do business with people they know, like and trust”. Since that’s true, it’s your job to figure out how to get known, liked and trusted FASTER.

Here is a quick video (under 2 minutes) that gives you two BIG ideas on just how to do this. Please note that I’m not officially driving in this video LOL. Can’t listen where you are or don’t like videos in general? The two ways are written below.

As a bonus thought, be sure to use idea as a way to build your recommendations on LinkedIN (you can click that link and be magically whisked away to my profile. add me as a connection if you wish to be part of my almost 5,000 person network there).

Here are the two ways in a nutshell:

1. Leverage third party endorsements. Find someone who knows you both and can say good things about the offering you have. This is very powerful. It’s even better if the person is known, LIKED and TRUSTED by your intended audience.

2. Find common ground. The best way to do that is to ask questions. The video has close to a dozen questions you can ask about 70 seconds into it. Here’s the trick when you ask questions, you actually HAVE TO LISTEN to the answers 😉

Thanks for checking out this video. There is plenty of other great information designed to help you on this site. Feel free to poke around!

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Terry Bean

Treating yourself like an expert

You’ve done it. You’ve amassed some notability in your field. People are starting to recognize you as the go-to person. They call you to speak at their events. There are offers to “collaborate”. Your brain begins to get picked. Some of these folks are respectful and understand that your expertise adds value for which they are willing to pay. What about those who don’t recognize that fact?

Fully aware of the irony I emailed a gentleman for whom I have great respect, Bob Burg. I say it’s ironic because I was asking him to GIVE me advice on how to move from GIVING away expertise to charging like an expert. He gave me some great stuff. This post is how I interpreted our conversation.

What was really eye opening is he said “You haven’t seen anything yet. The more you grow as an expert in your field, the more people will ask you to do things for them.” Bob then shared about a post our friend, Chris Brogan recently wrote entitled “But Enough About Me”. In it Chris writes about the numerous requests he gets to promote others. It’s an entertaining read (for those that experience it at least) and a gentle reminder.

There is truth in that one of the fastest ways to “rockstar” status is to “Ride on other’s coattails.” But there are better ways to do this, right? How about being great at what you do and sharing what the people you emulate do? If you do that enough (and it’s so much easier with Twitter and Facebook) they’re bound to take notice of you. And if you have put enough of your own well-thought out expertise “out there”, maybe they’ll engage in conversation with you. Imagine if a Chris Brogan or a Bob Burg retweeted you. Now that’s powerful!

The real key to helping others while treating yourself like an expert is “setting limits in a tactful way”. Bob is one of the kindest communicators I know. He makes sure the people with whom he is speaking know that he cares. He does so by edifying them. He uses words like “thank you.” He asks thoughtful questions. He is also comfortable helping when he can and saying “no” when he has to. In this video, Bob shares “How to say “no” the right way”. It’s awesome advice! HERE is the written version on the same topic.

A couple of other tips I gathered in our conversation:

  • Take time to chat over the phone. Most issues don’t require a “coffee meeting”.
  • Use email as a way to clarify discussion points
  • Be nice
  • If you gather enough information you can decide how you want to work with the individual moving forward. And it’s okay to do so “gratis” if you decide to do so

Toward the end of our talk we touched on self worth which is a big issue for me. I have a hard time “pricing” my services as a result of this. In Bob Burg style he said “We all go through this at first”. It’s nice to know there is a group of people that I admire who have had the same challenges and conquered them.

The last piece we discussed was probably the most telling…”Most people don’t know they’re crossing the line. They aren’t trying to take advantage of you”. I believe that’s true. Most don’t. My comment to him was that I know I’ve put it out to the collective consciousness that I am here to help. Now I have to edit my thoughts to the Universe to include the phrase “for a fee”.

Of course, as Bob says, “there’s a time and place for everything” including, at times, providing information without charging for it. But, as he also says, “It needs to be done out of strength; not weakness.”

As I’m about to hit “publish” this thought occurred to me: Others won’t fully treat you like an expert until you treat yourself as one.

You can learn more about Bob Burg on his website and take a look at Chris Brogan at You can find them on twitter and facebook as well. Both of these men are true inspirations to me and many. Thanks fellas!