A Networking Consultant and Coach: Coachsulting

It is said that a good coach helps you by pulling the best out of you. Alternatively, a good networking consultant helps you by putting their best into you. The coach holds you accountable to the vision you co-create. The networking consultant lends their talent to make sure the vision is realized.

Both sets of skills are a necessity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find both skills in one person? When it comes to business development, you can!

Terry Bean works with clients by holding them accountable to what they set out to do while lending his expertise regarding business networking, social media, sales and marketing, communications, corporate culture, and attracting and retaining top talent.

If you hire Terry as your networking consultant, your team will learn:

  • Why networking works
  • What they need to know in advance of doing it so they’re doing it right
  • How to choose the correct events to attend
  • Which online sites are worth your time
  • Ways to identify your ideal referral partners
  • The components of a powerful ASK (I don’t believe in elevator pitches)

Terry has created a 130 question Relationship Marketing Assessment that will help get us started on the right path. There are 27 big ideas delivered in these coachsulting classes that can immediately and positively impact your staff’s comfort and performance while networking.

If your business is currently looking for direction in any of these areas, you should Try Bean. Call   today to learn more and schedule a session.