Terry delivering the Keynote at TiECon 2011

Terry delivering the Keynote at TiECon 2011

The Keynote Speaker For Your Next Event

Over the years, Terry has accumulated an abundance of knowledge and experience in business networking and relationship marketing which he is eager to share with others. Helping people is a passion of Terry’s and he is always looking for opportunities to do so.

As the keynote speaker of an event, Terry will share valuable information to help businesses grow and thrive. His speaking style will keep the audience engaged and always waiting for the next helpful tip or idea to integrate to their own lives. Some keynote speakers can fall flat but Terry ensures his presentations are energetic and remain interesting to provide the most benefit to those listening.

Terry has spoken to thousands of delighted audience members. Some of his presentations are better received as training workshops. In addition to creating customized talks based on the audiences needs, Terry is happy to create new content specifically for your audience and/or available to deliver the following presentations:

* Relationship Marketing- Owning spot 1 in their mental rolodex (video embedded)

* Success is in Your F.A.C.E. (Focus, Awareness, Communications, Execution)

* Attraction Action & Achievement- a guide to getting what you want NOW!

* Your network equals your net worth- Several lessons in effective networking

* Raising Your AQ – Awareness Quotient

* Online Networking NOW. Intro-Advanced level social media presentations

* The 5 Steps to LinkedIn Mastery 

* Lead from Where You Are – A Presentation on Everyday Leadership

* The six degrees of connectedness (video embedded)

Need more of a focus on the learning than the speaking, take a look at Terry’s Training Courses.

Call 248.224.1326 to schedule Terry as the keynote speaker of your next event.

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