Bob Burg

Super excited to be bringing my friend and networking mentor, Bob Burg back to town on June 26th at Lawrence Technological University.

Bob will be sharing his “Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way” presentation with an audience of over 200 professionals. This will be a great opportunity to connect with new folks while learning some tips that you can implement immediately.

Here are the highlights of what you’ll learn that day:

  • Quickly cultivate new prospects — whether or not you have ANY existing contacts.
  • Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money.
  • Instantly connect via what Bob calls, “Feel-Good Questions®.”
  • Instantly deepen that new connection via the “One Key Question” that will set you apart from the rest.
  • Really use social media as a truly effective, profitable, business-building tool.
  • Model the one SECRET all superstar salespeople use to get to the top.
  • And much, much more!

Bob has been teaching people how to network more effectively since the mid-90s and he is regarded as one of the best. You’ll love his style, humor and ability to engage the audience. The information is immediately implementable and it can take your business to the next level.

Buy tickets early and SAVE BIG. We’ve got special pricing from 5/20-5/22. Details will be posted soon.

If you’re interested in seeing a couple of promos you can click HERE to learn about Endless Referrals and HERE to learn about Price vs. Value.

Learning and sharing about SEO

One of the first things I learned is just because you put up a website, Google, doesn’t know it’s there. You HAVE to link to it from somewhere.

See if you can guess what this post is about?? Give up?

It’s about linking, silly! There’s a lot I’m learning right now.

I figure the best way to learn something is to teach it to others.

While I’m not suggesting this blog will teach you much, it will share some thoughts with you. And if you follow along, or ever join the conversation, we might be able to learn something together 😉

One thing I’m testing out today is to see if you can link more than one site in the same post. Well, not just link them because of course you can do that. But will Google Index them? I’m not sure how I’ll know for sure, but it will be fun to try. I’ve been playing around with a couple of other ideas on my main blog at Networked Inc. You can skip the post about my dad  and playing too small and go to ones talking about “Microsites“. I think there are three of them. Maybe even more.

So far we’ve made three sites for our Metro Detroit Area Office Furniture Dealer client. The goal is to get them to optimize for the combination of words: office furniture sales in Metro Detroit. So click that to see one of the sites.

Another one of our clients sells cars. Specifically all Chryslers as well as Buicks and GMCs in the Detroit area. He recently decided he wants to offer Employee Pricing to Grand Rapids residents. So we built a microsite about it. It’s kind of cool.

We are also working with a friend of mine who makes and sells awards and trophies. We really want to focus on the Corporate Awards and Recognition piece and did a site about that. Take a look. This has been a very interesting learning experience. I will keep reporting on it on my main blog. Take a look if you’re so inclined. Feel free to let me know what you think. I’d be happy to chat with you!!

Be connected-

Terry Bean

Time to reset the financial thermostat?!

I was having a conversation with a friend about 3 weeks ago when I stated that “I need to reset my financial thermostat”. She laughed and asked what does that mean. I explained that I believe we are all capable of making whatever type of money we believe we can. Some people make a ton of money because they have a higher tolerance for doing so while others don’t simply because they don’t. The good news is we are in charge of that thermostat. The trick is figuring out how to adjust it when you’re ready. While I can’t tell you how right now, I can tell you I’m looking for that answer.

You know what the best thing about asking the right questions is? You are often led to the right answer.

It’s not enough to want to change. It’s a step closer to be often thinking about change. The reality is real change takes real work. Have you been doing the work? I know. It’s hard, right? It’s hard to get started. It’s hard to stay motivated. Hell, sometimes it’s even hard to know what work to do.

In wanting to reset my thermostat I went to a person who I know thinks about things like that…Mr. John Assaraf (and by to him, I mean to his videos on Youtube). I’ve been one who practices being in gratitude (link to cool videos on the topic) for a while and I was so grateful that my instincts to search him out served me well. Why?

Because on December 1, 2012 he and 5 of his world renowned buddies are holding a seminar on…get this…

Resetting your financial thermostat to help you shatter your financial glass ceiling.

That’s right. I had not used that term before or even thought about it. Next thing I know a man I admire is hosting a six hour seminar on it. Of course I signed up. I’m excited about it too. This is the work part. I’ve done enough sitting around and thinking about it.

Part of “the work” has included morning exercise on our cross trainer machine. I’ve paired that with watching videos to retrain my brain. I found today’s video “I LOVE Money” extremely powerful and uplifting.

I’ve long had issues with money and they’re based on my beliefs around it. I intend to change those by watching this video over and over. Spend the 9 minutes and check it out. Also BIG SHOUT OUT to I Get Real TV (their Youtube channel has a lot of great info) as they originally posted it. If you would like me to remove it, please comment and consider it done. I do appreciate you allowing me to “borrow” or as I like to think “share” it so liberally.

Have you ever changed your financial thermostat? How did you do it? Interestingly the last time I made really good money in a year was the year of the dog…which happens to be my year on the Chinese zodiac. I don’t intend to only make good money every 12 years. Why should I? Why would anyone?

An idea worth spreading- thoughts on TEDx Detroit

Another great TEDx Detroit wrapped up on October 26, 2012. If you want a fantastic rundown of it all check out the series put out by our friends at MLive.

While I thought there were many spectacular presentations and ideas shared this post is about an observation. Something I noticed that was pervasive throughout every talk and performance delivered.

The people who are TED worthy all seem to have something in common. They think, speak and behave differently. And somehow those differences make them all the same.

It’s not just about looking at problems as opportunities or believing that obstacles are in front of us to make us stronger. It’s deeper than that. It’s like they are called to do something. But unlike most people who hear this calling, they actually do something about it. Every day. Over and over until they get it right. Or at the very least better than what it was the day before.

While mingling through the crowd one is reminded of the importance of ideas. And it’s amazing how many of them there are. There are truly engaging people with wonderful ideas everywhere. In fact, there are so many of them, you are quickly reminded that it’s really not as much about the ideas but the execution of them. 

While TED is a worldwide phenomena, this repetitive action, and calling to do something better is the same mindset that the Detroit area seems to be embracing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not pervasive throughout the entire city…yet. But one gets the firm notion that there is enough of a nucleus gathering that the change we all want to see in the D is well begun. And as Mary Poppins taught us “Well begun is half done”.

Spreading ideas is one thing. What we really need to focus on is spreading positive action.

3 Ways to enjoy TEDx Detroit on 10/26/2012

The more we focus on good ideas coming out of Detroit the more they will happen.

Tomorrow is going to be a day full of the passion, energy and creative genius that is represented throughout our area. Normally I would tell you that you don’t want to miss it but I already know you will. At least live anyway and we are really bummed about that.

We’ve made the right moves to make sure we put ourselves back in the good graces of the powers of TEDx and are looking forward to another huge event next year. In the meantime here are 3 quick ways to get your fix of positive ideas worth spreading from Detroit.

Big thanks to our friends at Powerstream who are stepping up huge at the last minute to assure many more people can view it on this stream. As I write this I realize that we didn’t “enhance the gigs (GBs)’ coming out of the GEM so I hope the stream holds up.

If it doesn’t, you can most certainly follow along on Twitter using #TEDxDetroit and don’t forget to share a little #313Dlove. Our friends Derek Mehreban, his team at Ingenix and Heather Coleman-Voss will be tweeting away.

Join us for Apres X at 6 pm where we put the TED in the DET. The energy experienced during a day of TED talks is infectious. We would be able to light all 3 casinos for a year and the ideas shared will have attendees lit up like they just hit the jackpot. You can soak up this good juju by joining us at 6 pm at the GEM and hear past presenters, musical acts and celebrate with stories of the day.

October 26 will be another great day in Detroit and we hope you’ll be joining us however you can. A great place to start would be thanking our production team and sponsors for this years event.

Be connected-

Terry Bean

Ever wonder why I sign off with Be connected? Watch my 2009 TEDx Detroit talk called 6 degrees of connectedness.


Wanna have a lot of fun “networking” with good people while doing good in our community? Join us for a Bustup!

With #backchannel of Channel 7 on August 11, 2012

When: October, 13 2012 Starts at 9. The busting will go until 4.
Who: Motor City BlightBusters + Motor City Connect + 313Dlove + Prudential + everyone else we can get
Where: Northwest Detroit near Grand River and Lahser (we will meet at Motor City Java House 17336 Lahser Rd, Detroit, MI 48219)
Why: We will transform the energy in our city and help with the building of Farmville Detroit.
More info: Our event Facebook page

What is a Bustup? You may be familiar with the term “tweetup”- when people on twitter get together in real life to meet. A Bustup is a tweetup with a specific purpose…to tear down a dilapidated house.

For the past 5 years, Motor City Connect (large Detroit based networking group) has partnered with Motor City Blight Busters (24 year old non-profit near Brightmoor) to remove negative energy from Northwest Detroit. We do this typically by knocking down a dilapidated house or 3 and cleaning up the area near Grand River and Lahser. It’s been a wonderful experience and 90% of the people who attend can’t wait to come back.

Take a look at THIS VIDEO OF A HOUSE BEING BUSTED UP and THIS VIDEO OF IT BEING PULLED OVER. Both of these videos were taken when the #backchannel of Channel 7 joined us in August, 2012.

We are looking for sponsors to help make this a fun, family friendly event and to start a lasting legacy for our Detroit while raising some some much needed funds for Blightbusters. I would be happy to discuss details on sponsorship with the appropriate parties.

Here is a list of what you may want to bring the day of:

Old clothes you don’t care about
Comfortable, yet sturdy shoes
Gloves (please bring extra pair(s) to donate to them if you can
Large trash bags (again, please bring some to leave)
Masks (sometimes the dust really flies)
Additional items that would make their day great- Axes, Sledgehammers, Large trash containers.
We will provide food and beverages for the day

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Believe there is a positive change in Detroit

Detroit is ready for change. Not just the tiny incremental change that no one notices, but the type that defies logic and makes them the comeback story of the decade.

The timing is right. This place is right. The energy is right. The only challenge is the mindset of many in AND around the city is way wrong.

The good news is that is totally ready to be changed too. And change it will. Fast. It’s a shockingly small number of people who need to be receptive to the idea of change before we can actually experience change in the collective consciousness of the Detroit area.

Once a change in our collective consciousness happens real change becomes possible. 313Dlove is a movement to make that change happen faster.

We will enroll Detroit’s faith based community. We will enroll the local media. We will enroll business professionals of every color, faith and ethnicity. The bottom line is everyone needs to come to this message (read truth) through whatever way is most familiar to them. And the truth is this:

Detroit has had a rotten go of it since 1967. Sure there have been moments of triumph but nothing like the years before and certainly not like what lies ahead.

The key to Detroit’s forward progress is to fully forgive ALL past transgressions by everyone and move forward from right NOW.

The moment a fraction of our areas total populations believes we can, we will begin to be totally reborn as one race: HUMAN in one neighborhood: THE ONEDERFUL DETROIT REGION (aka The entire old 313 area code as it existed before 810 began in 1993) embracing one religion: LOVE.

We are connected to enough people ready for change whose energy will create the change we seek. It’s time to begin coming together to live out our city’s 207 year old motto:

We hope for better things. Out of the ashes we will rise again.

This city is about to be set ablaze with love. It will be the best fire our area has ever experienced. It’s amazing what we will see once the flames settle down. We will no longer look at one another only with our eyes which can deceive but simply our hearts which will allow us to believe.

Our shared belief in a better future is precisely what will make it possible. And as I’ve been saying for a number of years: “As Detroit goes, so does the rest of the country”. I think it’s about time the word “country” gets changed to “World”.

Will you join us in the 313Dlove movement? You can help us RIGHT NOW by DONATING to a project you believe in.

#bustup 2- Even Bigger, Better and Bustier than last year

We had a pretty good turnout for our first #bustup in 2011 (link to short video by Visual Impact Systems) and with even more support from Channel 7 we expect this years event to have a far greater impact.

But perhaps I am getting ahead of myself. I mean, really, who even knows what a #bustup is?

Simply defined a #bustup is a #tweetup with a definitive purpose to improve the Detroit community. This year’s #bustup will again involve many members of the #backchannel, Motor City Connect, Blightbusters and a bunch of other concerned citizens who are full of 313Dlove.

Here is a one of the “on-air” #bustup pieces from Stephen Clark and Channel 7.

So enough about the past, what about the 2012 #bustup???

Date: August 11, 2012 (the rain date is also August 11 so we will be there rain or shine)
Time: 8:45-4:15 (come for as long as you can…there is plenty of work to do)
Where: We will meet at Motor City Java House (17336 Lahser Road, Detroit, MI 48219)

Why: Because we all need to step up and be part of the change we want to see in the D.

What can you bring? I’m so glad you asked:

Blightbusters works on improving the community 6 days a week and has been doing so for 24 years. They do it all almost exclusively through volunteers and the generous support of some stellar corporate citizens. They use some or all of the following every day:

Rakes- Axes- Shovels- Sledgehammers- Gloves- Paint- Paintbrushes- Paint Rollers- Paint trays- Plywood- Garbage cans- Garbage bags (outside)

and Dumpsters…they always need dumpsters (IF you know someone in trash removal they would be an excellent contact)

We at 313Dlove (the brand new non-profit started by Terry Bean and Mike McClintock) are taking donations on our website. You can easily donate $13.13 or $313.00 or whatever you want by simply visiting the Get involved page on the 313Dlove site.

Can’t join us? That’s okay you can still help out by donating or at the very lease sharing this post, our event and our facebook page. Thanks so much!


Terry Bean

Authenticity vs. Getting It Done- A case for the social media call center

When I started delivering the “9 Hard Fast Rules of Social Media” in 2008 Rule # 4 had a whole series on “Be Attitudes”. There were 9 of them like: “Be Engaging”, “Be Interested”. “Be Interesting”. “Be Helpful” and a few others. The one I really want to focus on today is “Be Authentic”.

Social Media has long been about putting yourself out there and either starting or becoming a part of the conversation. Authenticity is a key as it really helps people connect with you. Enlightened individuals certainly understand and have knowledge of their authentic self. Those on the path toward enlightenment have a pretty good sense of their authenticity too. People who are less concerned with “who they are” tend to have a lower sense of self. That’s okay because this post really isn’t about people, It’s about companies.

In business we are just starting to wake up to the importance of “corporate culture”. Your company’s culture is its’ identity. Just like in individuals, the identity is what drives authenticity.

When I say businesses are just “waking up” to this idea, I’m also saying that MOST have little idea as to what their culture really is. As such, they take on the identity of their leader at best, have a blend of identities or have an identity that is chaotic on the flip side. Authenticity from a business with multiple identities is similar to expecting consistency when following a twitter stream of someone suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. It’s not gonna happen.

And time marches on.

How many businesses have been contemplating “getting into social media”? They’ve sent people to classes. Signed up for webinars. Hired younger people based on their answers to questions geared around social media and they’re still not doing it. Why? Because of three simple reasons:

1. They don’t have the understanding of how to merge these tools with their business objectives.

2. They don’t have the right people (a reflection of 1)

3. They don’t have the time

And time, marches on.

Those three reasons can be enough to have kept you from starting, but should they keep you on the sideline? No chance. Here’s the truth, getting started in social media is far more important than getting it right. If you don’t have the knowledge, people and or time, then maybe it’s time to look for a company who does.

We built a social media call center to not only take away the excuses of not being involved but to make it so easy for you to jump in that you can’t imagine waiting another second. Go ahead and click on the uNetworked description of Social Media Call Center to learn more about what we would like to do for you. If you like what you see, give us a call so we can discuss how to get started.

Rule #1 in the “9 Hard Fast Rules of Social Media” has always been: “Ready. Fire.Aim“. Getting it done today is far more important than being authentic tomorrow, or whenever you get around to it.

The 9 Hard, Fast Rules of Social Media

These rules were conceived by Charlie Curve and I in 2008 and have delighted and educated audiences numerous times over the past four years.

1. Ready. Aim. Fire.
Social networks reward early adopters. The rabbit wins. Every time.

2. Join all. Participate few.
Stake your claim on new networks where your prospects play.

3. PBO is the new SEO.
Ensure your Personal Brand is Optimized at every touchpoint.

4. There are several BE attitudes including: Don’t be that guy.
Social media is a conversation, not a sales pitch.

5. Feed your networks.
Your network needs fresh content to survive, thrive and drive business.

6. It ROIs or it dies.
Don’t invest a ton of time, energy and effort into networks with understanding what you get from them.

7. Find your golden ratio.
Share the megaphone and increase your own amplification.

8. Build your network before you need it.
Plant, nurture and grow your networks before you expect to harvest.

9. Tools are not tactics.
A scalpel doesn’t make you a surgeon. Hire the experts.