The power of incentives in getting others to do what you want

Let’s face it, we can’t all be persuasive communicators or masters at motivation. When you’re not, how do you get people to do what you want?

There is major power in incentives. This video shares a couple of ideas.

1T (one thought) Seaworld understands incentives

I will be adding more to this post AFTER my Motor City Connect meeting on 2/5/13


5 steps to building better business relationships faster

Since “All business is relationship business” you need to understand how to build better relationships. Fast.

This video (5 steps to building better business relationships faster) includes 5 areas on which you can focus. You’ll notice a couple of recurring themes:

It’s important to give first

It’s not really about you

If you can master these 5 areas, you’ll be doing great!!

Big thanks to Joe Venuto of SoPlat for bringing his camera over and filming me while I shared these thoughts. Special shout out to Michael Angelo Caruso for “loaning” us his patio in beautiful downtown Royal Oak.


2012 Facebook Favorites Award…soon to be known as “The Beanies”

I was scrolling through Facebook last night while the Cowboys/Redskins game was on and it hit me…Since there are certain people who just brighten my day on a regular basis, I should create a pseudo award and let them know. Yeah, EVERYone loves pseudo awards.

trust me...I'm winking

Well, without further adieu, here they are.

FAVORITE COUPLE- By far, my favorite couple are two crazy kids from High School who started dating, got engaged and eventually married in the past 3 years. Their courtship on Facebook was so cute and they look like they have the best time. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Parker.

Favorite Foodie-Some people love food, but don’t get to travel much. Others love food, but don’t really have the budget required to sustain the high end side of the habit. Then there are those special people who Eat fantastically while traveling around the globe. This award easily goes to my brother Cary Bean who has a facebook timeline that would make Woflgang Puck Salivate.

Favorite Fun Pundit (can I call them a Fundit)?- I suppose it would be hard not to win this when sports and nights out are your corporate mission. But this award is more than about what she does, it’s about how she does. Stephanie Puertas (and Erin Goryl) do a GREAT job of sharing their message about the leagues and fun nights out Stay and Play Social Club offers. Way to keep it classy ladies!!

Favorite Social Movement- No, not that kind of movement…no one wants that to be social. A great movement was put together a few years ago called Pay it Forward Friday!. Now whether Mr. Hire it Done, Adam Helfman, conceived this or is just who I associate with it is in question. Regardless, I love the idea of doing something great for someone else. And if you can only do that on Friday, then that’s a great start!!!

Favorite Touching Note- I’m not even sure this came from Facebook, but I’m gonna give a shout out to Keith Zendler of Peoplemovers for a very honest, open and candid letter he sent out to his people in the past month. It was super human of you Keith!

Biggest sense of pride- I’m not sure if it’s kosher to take so much pride in something someone else did but I can’t describe how I felt about Benji Rosenzweig’s work with Menorah in the D. any other way. I’m a huge fan of yours, Benji. Excellent work, sir!!

Best use of Video AND Christmas Carols- I love the idea that Ray Laethem Motor Village had to use the 12 Days of Christmas to provide special value to their customers. On the 12th day a customer could get a $500 gift card if they bought a new car. On the first day it was more like a free car wash. All is good though!!

Best return to Facebook- There was a hole in my facebook when Keith Stonehouse left. That hole has been filled. This guy has done a wonderful job of showing us how we can use Facebook with respect and to make money and I LOVE that lesson!

Most consistent marketer- My mom taught me “if you can’t say anything nice…” well I can. say something nice. Rick Pink‘s messages annoy the crap out of me because the odds of me going to one of his events are so very, very slim and yet, I think he does a great job of having a consistent message. See? That was nice. Sort of ;-) In all seriousness Rick is a great guy (from what I can tell) and I am sure I could have unsubscribed a long time ago.

Least beneficial topic to discuss- 2012 was one of those years where you can easily piss off 49% of your friends with one simple fact: Your political affiliation. I prefer to pick sides based on issues, not parties or people. As such, you will rarely see me make statements about who or which side is better. Mostly because neither are. But, we are all entitled to our own opinion…regardless of how wrong we may be. LOL

Be Like Mike in 2013- I’ve been connected to Michael Angelo Caruso since we first met in January, 2009. I love how he provides relevant information through his newsletters and gets to speak all over the country and planet. I intend to do more things like Mike (his digital and speaking stuff)  in 2013. Thanks for laying out the path my man!!

What were some of your facebook moments in 2012? Share them in the comments, please!




Relationship Marketing 201- 12 tips shared to make you a much better networker.

Show up-     This is first and will always be. If you don’t show up ready to network both online and off, you won’t be effective at it. Networking takes effort…hence the word “working”. Take the time to understand how the following ideas fit into your networking world, and you will do well.

Know what you have to offer-    Without a solid understanding of what you have to offer, you will find it much harder to give.  How often do you give any of the following to your network: Time, Energy, Attention, Money, Expertise, Connections or Resources? See, you have a lot more to give than you thought.

Know what you want to receive-    When it comes to networking most people want the same thing: More Business. That’s great! But unless you can tell us what kind of business will be best for you, we will have a hard time giving it to you. The more specific your ASK, the better. People want to help you, but we can’t do so unless you tell us how.

Consider “After You” Networking-      Everyone worries about making a great first impression. Use this to your advantage. When meeting someone new, let them go first. Several benefits are yours with this approach: A. You’ll demonstrate your desire to be interested prior to being interesting.  B. You’ll have a solid understanding of who they are and what they need. C. They’ll be able to actually listen to you when it’s your turn to speak. D.  If they don’t listen to you, you know exactly what kind of person they are.

Use online networking effectively-    So many tools, so little time. The good news is they can help you expand your network FAST. The most important thing about online networking is creating and maintain relationships. The power of “search” is one you must understand. It’s about finding the folks you need while making sure those who need you can easily find you too.

Give when you can-    You already have an idea of what you have to offer, be sure to give it when you can. We have all heard the phrase “Giver’s gain” made popular by Dr. Ivan Misner of BNI fame. It’s time to put it to good use. Give. Give a lot. Give every chance you can. I firmly believe that giving others a clear path (ASK) on how they can help you is an act of giving.

Connect others-     Networking is about levering the relationships you have to create the relationships you need. This requires introductions. Don’t sit and wait for others to introduce you. Make connections for them too. The more proactive you can be in this space, the better.

Know why networking works-    Networking works when people work at it. If you give to me, I’m going to make sure I do my best to give to you…This is the Law of Reciprocity. Similarly if you give to me, I’m going to make sure I pay it forward and give to someone else. This is the Law of Generosity. Universal Laws dictate much of our life and networking is no different.

Ask. Listen. Repeat.-    When it comes to networking, and all good communications for that matter, Asking good questions and listening to the answers is at the heart of it all. Make sure you practice these important skills again and again. If you’ve ever wanted to honor someone, ask them questions about their favorite topic (themselves) and actually take time to listen to the answer.

Make it easy for others to help you-    It’s a big world and you’ve got a lot to do. You’ll do far more with the assistance of others. Don’t make others chase YOU to help YOU. Make your contact information easy to access by putting it on your e-mail signature and social media profiles. When someone does say they will help, call or e-mail them. Don’t make them reach out to you.

Say thank you-    It’s important to update your network on the status of any referral they have given you. It’s vital that you thank them for it.  You can make a phone call and say thanks just slightly easier than you can go by a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. Just be sure to let them know they and their faith in you are appreciated.

Follow up-    This is the number one area where sales people and networkers blow big opportunities…they fail to follow up. Following up is so crucial that I dedicated the entire last chapter of my book to it. You can follow by letter, e-mail, telephone, video chat, social media or several other ways. How you do it isn’t nearly as important as you actually doing it.

Thank you for taking the time to read these. Proper implementation of these ideas will result in big praise from both your wallet and your network.


12 things to consider while networking online

This was written in 09 and is every bit as germane today. What would you add to it?

1. Have a plan. Understand what you want to get out of your online networking time and what you have to give to it.

2. Upload your address book. This step will allow you to grow your networks faster. Larger networks lead to more opportunities.

3. Realize the importance of being interested over being interesting. Networking isn’t only about what’s in it for you. It’s about what I can do for you, what you can do for me and what we can do together.

4. Ask good questions. Social networking is really all about conversations. One of the best ways to engage others in conversation is to ask questions.

5. Be interested in helping others. Without a healthy interest in the well being of others, any networking will be a total waste of your time.

6. Make connections. Know two people that need to meet? Introduce them. Networking sites like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook make this very easy to do.

7. Shine the light on others. By helping to spread the word of others you actually help spread your own word as well.

8. Spend time working your online network daily. It doesn’t have to be all day, and it shouldn’t be overwhelming. But you do need to make a consistent effort on this.

9. Alter the time you are online. Most people are creatures of habit and are online at the same time everyday. If you want maximum exposure, mix up the times so different people are seeing your message.

10. Upload a photo. People do business with people. Having a photo online makes you human, accessible and more interesting. This is true regardless of how bad you think the photo is.

11. Find another medium by which to connect- Can you meet them in person? Do so. If not, pick up the phone. It’s great to connect online over keystrokes, but it’s also important to do voice to voice or face to face networking.

12. Get started. There isn’t a reason you can conceive that would exonerate you from doing this. Online networking is the most important thing to hit the internet thus far. If you need help, call me!


60+ Tips on Using LinkedIn effectively

LinkedIn is THEE most important business networking site there is. The challenge is most people think of it like it’s one of those late night infomercials…you know “set it and forget it”. LinkedIn is like EVERY other networking opportunity there is, for it to succeed it will require some participation on your part.

It is my hope that you will utilize at least a few of these tips that I have drawn up for you so you can understand how this tool will help your business. It’s important to note that I joined LinkedIn back in 2004 and currently have over 5,000 connections. I offered my first LinkedIn training class in late 2005 and have conducted over 100 sessions since then.

I am a very open connector because I believe that connections lead to opportunities and opportunities often require new connections. How you use LinkedIn and for what purpose is entirely up to you. I do suggest that you have a plan in place. If you are looking for some ideas, reach out to me, I’m always happy to help.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the meat, shall we?

Complete your profile- This is your appearance to the outside world. LinkedIn is a buttoned up business kind of place. Even if you spend the majority of your day in sweatpants and bunny slippers, you certainly don’t want to give that impression here.

Add a photo- YOUR picture, not your logo will humanize you. Job seekers don’t have to worry about being discriminated about due to age. Most HR professionals search profiles with the photos “turned off”.

Create a catchy headline- Use one that helps you stand out from the crowd. Combine who you are with what you do.

Choose your category- LinkedIn provides lots of professional categories from which to choose. Pick the one that best describes you.

Edit your websites to reflect what they are- When entering your 3 websites you have the option to edit them to say more than just “my company”, “blog” , etc. Click “other” and write exactly what you want.

Customize your public profile link- LinkedIn will assign you a “public profile” address. It will have your name and a bunch of random characters. Take a moment and change it to better reflect you.

Put this link in your email signature and invite people to connect with you- This is a great way to add to your network.

Attach your twitter account- LinkedIn makes it easy to share your status updates on Twitter when you attach the two accounts.

Write a meaningful summary- The summary isn’t about your current job. It’s about you. Let your personality shine.

List all of your positions- LinkedIn does a great job of suggesting contacts from your past for you. This also gives you additional opportunities to help others by connecting people who need assistance.

Tell us what you accomplished while there- No sense in leaving this blank. Give us the highlights!

Use the projects feature to give greater detail- This new(er) feature allows you get very specific on your accomplishments.

Ask to be endorsed- LinkedIn makes it easy to ask individuals in your network to endorse you.

Write endorsements for others- Make someone’s day and get a little value for you too. A well written endorsement can speak volumes about the author of it.

Add skills- These are highly searchable and lightly customizable. Make sure you pick those that represent you well.

Share your interests- Also searchable and a great way to connect with others of like-mind.

Focus on business but remember it can be personal too- We like people we perceive are like us. Show us who you are to help us establish common ground more quickly.

Post your educational experience- Another way LinkedIn helps you connect with your past. And it’s important for some to know you’re edumucated.

Add connections- The true power of LinkedIn resides in the numbers. I’m not saying that you have to have 5,000+ connections, but you had better have well over 100. Here are some easy ways to add new ones.

Upload your contacts- This should be step 1. LinkedIn does a great job of protecting your security and an even better job of showing you who you communicate with regularly who are already using the tool.

Get connected through connections- Want to meet someone who is connected to someone with whom you’re connected? Easy. Just ask them to make an introduction (note: an introduction is different than a connection and it is a good starting point).

Add people from groups- Find people in the groups you’re a part of and ask them to connect (groups are discussed in a different section)

Add people via their e-mail address- LinkedIn really wants you to connect with people you already know so they like it if you know their e-mail address. Use that address and send them an invite. It’s that easy.

Add them as a friend- This is the “open” way to connect with most anyone. Be careful using this with closed networkers you don’t know especially with the generic invite. These people will be inclined to report you with an “I don’t know”. Get too many of these and LinkedIn will suspend your invite privileges’.

Join groups- Groups are sectioned off areas where people with like minds or like experiences can connect and share on a deeper level. Groups can be the best
place for you to find your next whatevertheheckyou’relookingfor.

Find those of personal interest- Self-explanatory, right?

Find ones where your clients are- Great way to connected to people who are like your clients.

Find ones that are industry specific- Excellent opportunity to stay current in your industry.

Post relevant content in them- Posting content is one form of participation. There is little sense in being part of the group without participating.

Respond to content there you find important- A much easier way to participate. Make sure your comments represent you and your brand well.

Can’t find a group you like? Create one- It’s one thing to be a member of the group. It’s something totally different to be the center of it.

Invite friends and colleagues to it- A group of one sucks, plain and simple.

Ask them to do the same- Why even have a group if it’s just a bunch of people you already know?

Share content there too- Still gotta participate even if it’s your group.

Add your Linkedin group to your email signature- People + People = more people

Applications- These fun little tools can help you personalize your profile and let you audience know a lot more about you.

Do you travel? Add tripit. Update your network on where you will be. It’s a great way to create serendipitous meetings.

Like to read? Add amazon book list. Highlight what you’re reading and books you love.

Present a lot? Use slideshare to showcase your presentations.

Have a blog? Link it to your site so your connections can see it on LinkedIn.

Like to attend or put on events? There’s a calendar for that too.

Be sure to check out the other applications under the “More” tab

Company pages- These are the opportunity to showcase your business. One of the best parts is that in addition to being able to have your company represented like you are GOOGLE loves this section just like they love your own profile. Be sure to get that good google juice for your business by filling this out.

Start at the VERY beginning…do you have one? If not, figure out who is going to set it up. Smart money is on marketing and having HR being one of the admins of the page.

Tell your corporate story concisely. Consider it like your bio. LinkedIn will walk you through this.

Add your products and services that you company offers.

Share your career opportunities (part of the reason HR gets invited to the party)

Determine what other relevant content you will share here and at what rate of frequency it will be shared.

Make sure your employee’s profiles use the same name as your company page so they can cross-link each other.

Invite friends and connections to “follow” your company. Use employee status updates, groups you’re a part of, other social sites and even your e-mail signatures to further spread the word.

Follow the BUZZ that’s being generated about your company whenever it is mentioned. This is a great way to let other people toot your horn for you.

Search If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times…this IS THE MOST IMPORTANT feature of LinkedIn. In fact, I truly believe that if Facebook understood search half as well as LinkedIn does, LinkedIn wouldn’t exist. The ability to find and be found in a business context is pure gold!

Do a search on the things you want to show up for. Do you show up on page 1?

Try searching for people you’re looking to meet. Can you find the CFO at your favorite prospect? You can search by company, by title, by industry…by so many things. Mess around with this function.

Make sure the drop down is on people and click the advanced button on the right. If you upgrade your membership, you can narrow your search even further. This may or may not serve you well.

In addition to more narrow searches enhanced membership levels get to see more results and get full names on 3rd degree connections. See, membership does have its privileges

LinkedIn added the ability to search status updates in about March of 2011. This is important because you see what people are talking about right now.
You can search companies to find the businesses with whom you want to connect. It’s also a nice way to find many, if not all, of their employees in one place.

The job search function could be its own paper and may in fact be at one point. For the purpose of this document let’s just say there isn’t a better place to search for jobs then on LinkedIn. They did a brilliant thing when they partnered with the Simply Hired. They show many great jobs all the time.

Search groups to find the right ones for you. As mentioned in the groups section of this discussion you will find groups from your alma mater and past employers to groups about hobbies, interests and industry events. If you’re looking for it, they likely have it. If they don’t, consider starting it!

Other things- There are a handful of other things that are worth noting and probably another bunch that I have overlooked. What can I say, I had to be done writing this at some point.

LinkedIn today- It’s basically your little magazine subscription (the cool kids call it an RSS reader).

Setup the information you would like delivered right to your LinkedIn homepage. Like Harvard Business Review? It’s there. Want to follow Automotive news? You

In fact there are 41 different types of feeds for you to choose from. Get bored of one, switch it out for another.

When you find an article that interests you, share it with your connections. They’ll be glad you did and you will have another opportunity to get in front of them to stay top of mind.

Answers- These are a great way to survey your network, do a promotion about your business or simply gain new knowledge.

Think of a question you want to ask and do so.

You can choose to select people who are your 1st degree connections or kick it out to the larger network as a whole.

Categorize your question based on topic. The more focused you get it, the more likely you will get real, relevant answers. People troll the “answers” section looking for the opportunity to give answers and receive the highly coveted “best answer” designation.

Be sure to rank the answers you receive when you’re done.

Spend some time answering questions in your area of expertise. You may be able to help someone AND get yourself a big star for the day (not kidding…best answers actually receive a star).

Polls- Are another great to survey your network. The difference is this one will give you lovely graphs and cost you money.

What would you add to this list?
Even better, how many of these tips are you utilizing or about to be?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and feel free to share this link!


Pleased to announce my new Detroit focused non-profit: 313Dlove

If you would have asked me in April when will the site be ready I would have told you June 1st. Had you asked me last week, I would have told you that it will never really be ready.

The good news is it’s ready enough to start spreading the Love for Detroit that needs to be shared. You can click the link to see the 313Dlove website.

You have to have a home base on the web and we will have a totally kickass one in the coming months. In the meantime, I think our Facebook Page and Twitter account will be more active,

I do love my vision for what the website will become and I’m glad it’s out today instead of waiting for the “Big Reveal” (looks like I’ll have to create a post with that title and list the product specs).

As I write this I think I should have spent more time documenting this process and sharing it here. It’s wild how fast time goes by.

Sometimes I feel like I should take the Doogie Howser approach and share a daily diary. It would be interesting to track that much of the organization’s impact. Seems like it may be more fun to let others write and share about that and I’ll just simply focus on making it happen.

Are you wondering what you can do to make sure this becomes a reality?

Simply sharing this post and or the facebook page would be a great start. Sharing the website would be great too.

Thanks so much for being a part of the change we all want to see in the D.

Be connected-

Terry Bean


Help us help you.

It’s vitally important that you identify who your ideal client is. Once you’ve created your target client list, you can share it with your network, so they know how they can best help you. They can then connect you with the people who you truly want to work with, and can benefit most from what you have to offer.

Help us help you from Terry Bean on Vimeo.


Business card etiquette at networking events.

Going to a networking event to collect or hand-out business cards isn’t going to do you any good. Give or ask for business cards when you know there will be mutual benefit, to you and the person you’re talking with. Use them with purpose, or they’re bound to end up in the trash can.

Business card etiquette at networking events from Terry Bean on Vimeo.