The Business Networking Book You Need

The latest book written by Terry Bean is titled Be Connected. In its pages you will find a wealth of content that will help you improve your networking skills. After reading this book you will:

  • Know how to most effectively use your time at every business networking event
  • Understand how to leverage the relationships you have to create the ones you need
  • Be fully prepared to network online
  • Easily identify your ideal clients and business partners
  • Have 7 reasons to be involved in networking beyond “growing your business”
  • Become a master of the ASK (a.k.a. 30 second commercial or elevator pitch)

If reading a book sounds like a daunting task because you have little time or patience (or both!), this book will help to change your mind. The short chapters get right to the point and deliver big ideas that can be implemented immediately. Be Connected provides you with an opportunity to learn new material in a fun and engaging way. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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