I’ve been pretty active on the social webs since before the phrase “social media” was a thing. This early entry allowed me to secure my actual name on most of the sites that mattered: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Wave (told you I was here a while) and more.

Having your own name on these sites had a couple of really distinct advantages:

  1. It made it really easy for people to find me wherever they were looking
  2. It helped with consistent branding
  3. It allowed me to “own page 1” on Google

It is that last one that became an issue for me just a couple of years ago.

It seems that some other Terry Bean may or may not have made a bad choice. I say “may” because while this fella was accused of a most heinous crime, it doesn’t appear that he ever was convicted. Turns out being accused is enough to get ALL KINDS of headlines.

Funny thing about how the web works from a search perspective. Yes longevity is important. But so is the number of stories. Well this particular Terry Bean was quite active in a few communities. The first one is he has been a long time advocate of Gay Rights. He was also a prominent fundraiser for the Democratic party.

One of many photos of this Terry Bean and former President Obama

Because of his past successes, 100s of stories were written about his alleged crime. Each new story that gets published on the web about a specific topic helps with SEO (search engine optimization) for that topic. When that topic happens to be your name too, it certainly doesn’t help you.

It’s been a couple of years since this all went down and the stories have slowed considerably. As such it’s time to start putting out content with our name it again to try and impact future results.

For the record, I don’t know that Terry Bean anymore than I know a couple of the other cool cats with our same name. There is Terry “harmonica” Bean out of Mississippi and a fine artist named Terry Bean¬†out of Arkansas. I assume they had similar issues when this all went down as well. I wish them all continued success.

If you’re wondering how I found out about this, it’s pretty simple. I have a google alert setup for my name. It’s a great way to get relevant news on issues that are important to you. If you want to set one up for your name or other issues that matter, simply click that link and type in the word(s) that matter. Google will e-mail anytime there is news on the topic.

Just for the record, I’m this Terry Bean. I’m a speaker, author, networking enthusiast and business growth guy.

Terry Bean delivering a keynote at TiEcon Midwest in Detroit.