Our VR Arcade Offering
VR Arcades are so new we find that the deeper people look into them, the less they know. The purpose of this note is to explain our offering and the value proposition for our clients.
The hardware that makes up a VR Arcade can be broken into two specific areas. The first area is one we are all familiar with…the P.C. The P.C. can be a laptop or a desktop. They can’t be low end computers. These PCs have to be configured in such a way that they can facilitate the high end graphics and processing demands that Virtual Reality experiences require. We know exactly what you need to run your arcade and bundle it all together in The Package.
The second type of hardware that is necessary is the Virtual Reality hardware itself. We have standardized on the HTC Vive (pictured on The Package page). The Vive system comes standard with a pair of goggles, two handheld wireless controllers and two base stations (these are the sensors that know where the player is in space). The vive system also includes the appropriate cables and ports to plug all of this equipment in to create the VR environment.
What makes Private Label VR unique in the space is how we bundle the hardware into a solution that works with our proprietary VR Arcade Management Software and deliver a turn key operation.
Our software is designed to give the VR Arcade owner/manager all the important information at a glance while making the user experience easier. We provide all kinds of data on the games that are played, actual monthly playtime and manage the licensing with the developers so these arcades can be run legally (ie. not “stealing” games). The software also includes a time clock, a leader-board and a rewards program. In addition to a few other useful features, the software allows for “in goggle” game selection that lessens the staffing demands on an establishment.
Finally, we bring all of our technical, operational and marketing knowledge to bear with our delivery of the solution. We help these new arcades with space planning, systems integration and installation and staff training. When we leave the premise our clients have a full working knowledge of how to operate, manage and market their new VR Arcade offering.
If you’re thinking about opening a VR arcade, you should be talking to us.
vr arcade booth.