Guide: “a person who advises or shows the way to others”.

For years I’ve used the word “Coachsultant” because I never fully felt like a Coach or a Consultant. The reality is, all I really want to do is be your guide. I want to help you uncover the best path for you take your business.

To that extent I’ve put together a 6-8 session program that will help you uncover the keys to YOUR success. This work revolves around developing the habits you need to develop to be your best you.

We are going to cover the following areas to get you dialed in and rocking by building out an understanding of and strategy for the following:

Your Personal Vision and Mission – The “what you do and why you do it”. This is the stuff that assures you will get out of bed every day and kick as much ass as possible…even when you don’t feel like it.

Your story– This is your elevator pitch, your ASK and the why people give a crap about working with you.

Prospecting 301- Your Target Clients and Partners- This makes sure that the time you spend online, networking, cold calling and the rest is at the highest level of return for you.

Priority Management– This will help you schedule your days, weeks and months.

How You should leverage Social Media- This will likely focus on LinkedIn, but could cover other social media platforms depending on your business.

Strategic networking plan – Where you should spend time networking and what you should be getting/giving

These sessions are what I believe everyone responsible for business growth should go through. My goal is to act as a facilitator and guide you through the process of coming up with your game plan. I am totally open to adjusting this in terms of both order and content.

My normal rate is $200/hour and I’m doing an introductory special of 4 hours for $600. We can break those sessions into 30 minutes. Payment can be broken into two payments of $300 and at least one of them is needed to start and the next due before 3rd session. All sessions must be complete within 60 days.

Let me know what questions you have.