(this message originally sent to Motor City Connect exactly 1 week after the 2016 election)

So much has happened since the last message I sent to you all. What a wild and interesting world we live in.

I’m not going to harp on the results of the election or even how any of it went down. Why? Because that’s over. Not much that can be done about it. The time to make something happen was November 8, based on my calendar, that was 1 week ago. So as far as that whole thing goes I have one simple wish…That Donald Trump Wins in a Landslide in 2020.

I’ve said that a few times and people look at me like I’m crazy. As an outspoken dark skinned Native American fella I’m certain if some people could figure out where to deport me to…they would have. But you can’t. LOL So let me explain. IF Donald were to win in a landslide, what would have had to happen?? A whole lot of good, right? Can we all agree that a whole lot of good is better than what we have now?

What we really need is for people to start to listen again. And to do so with the idea of trying to understand…not just to respond. Our country is way too divided and people are fearful, angry, hurt and just one gigantic ball of emotions. Partly because you can’t express an opinion without fear of being attacked (some people are actually being attacked or receiving legitimate threats and that SUCKS beyond measure). Instead of arguing, seek to understand. Instead of defending a position, ask what do you mean by that? I’ve said for years, I’ve never learned anything new with my mouth open.

When Motor City Connect began 10 years ago (this month) it was with the idea of helping business people be better so they could build better businesses so we build a better community. As I look at where Detroit is today, I take some pride in knowing that this group had a teeny weeny part in that. At the core of what we did was Love. It is from the heart that I ask you all be more loving. For those of you who already love too much I saw awesome…you can love even more. For those of you who don’t love enough, you’ve got a tremendous opportunity in front of you.