Another Beautiful Sunrise

Another Beautiful Sunrise

Summer time in Michigan is the perfect time to be outdoors and really enjoy life. For business professionals, it’s also a really important time to get dialed into your game plan and make sure we finish the year strong. How great would it be to be able to do both?

The other day someone said those words that used to send a chill up my spine: “I want to pick your brain”. I asked what they were looking to know and in uncommon fashion I said “that’s the stuff people pay me for”. I gave him an amount and we setup a time on the spot. It got me thinking…maybe I could just make an offer out of letting people pick my brain. I thought more about it that evening while on the boat and a really good idea emerged. You can read more about it below or you can watch this 4.5 minute video here:

Did you watch the video?

If not, here’s basically what it said:

We will schedule a 1-1 consulting session. It can be via phone or skype or it can be in person at your office or even on my boat. The idea is pretty simple, most business development professionals have some level of difficulty either:

  • Attracting more business
  • Tapping into the right market
  • Using networking/social media effectively
  • Taking the right action
  • Staffing
  • Gaining more awareness
  • Operating efficiently
  • or any number of other challenges

I can help you find clarity by sharing my “Success is in your F.A.C.E” (focus, awareness, communications, execution) methodology.

We can spend time (might be 15 minutes or may be an hour plus) discussing what your situation is and I will give you solutions that you can implement immediately. The video talks about pricing and the cost varies by location and time. My ideal world has you and I discussing this on the boat and the cost stated is $190/hour (I’m very quick to point out I’m not much of a clock watcher and I expect these sessions to run a bit longer). If we do the meeting at your place the cost will be a little more. If we do it by phone (or other technology) it can be a little less. I also offer a 15 minute session as an introductory piece…that cost is $50 and will be done via phone/skype/whatever.

Because people have asked about a guarantee I offer a bit of wisdom from Tommy Boy. In all seriousness, here is my guarantee, if you don’t think the information I share with you helps you move forward, don’t pay me. It’s that simple.

My goal is to make this process as easy as humanly possible. As such, I’ve setup a Calendly calendar that allows you to check out MY SCHEDULE and pick a time that is open on my calendar that works for you. You will see several openings in the coming weeks. I do expect that to change…quickly.

Not sure if this is right for you? Give me a call at 248.224.1326 or send me an e-mail.

Oh yeah…and depending on the time and day, I’ll most likely have beer. If not, Sam’s shop is right around the corner 😉