Since all business is relationship business, one key to your success is your ability to build good relationships. A definition I often hear for having good relationships is the idea of being known, liked and trusted. In fact, Bob Burg once said (about 120 million times) “All things being equal, people do business with people they know, like and trust”. Well if this is true, wouldn’t you want to get known, liked and trusted faster? Of course you would!

In this video, Jeff Bajorek and I take a deep dive into a few areas that are destined to help you get there.

We start by talking about you. You have to know who you are (NOWHOUR) so you can live your life in an authentic way. When you NOWHOUR you likely will know what you are meant to do. This helps you decide what to say NO to. The more you can say NO, the easier it is to stay in integrity. And being in integrity is so important to all of your relationship building activities.

We then move into the idea of finding common ground. All the best relationships are built on this…why? Because in general, we like people who we perceive are most like us. The faster you can find similarities between you and your new friend, the more likely you are to like each other.

Next we hop into a conversation about Testimonials and recommendations. We should have added a section about how to get them (the simplest way is to do a great job and ask for them) but we mostly focused on where to put them and why they’re of value.

Finally we look at how live video really helps endear people to you. It’s about as authentic as it gets, right? Don’t believe me…check it out here: