The main difference between inspiration and motivation is that inspiration comes from inside and motivation is an external attribute. There are plenty of great motivational speakers who know how to fire up their audience and leave them on a “high” for a few hours…but does that have a lasting impression?

When I look at professional speakers I want them to do three things well: I want them to inspire, or at the very least motivate. I want them to educate so the audience can learn a new trick or two. And I want them to entertain…if we have to be in a room, let’s have some fun! I call this three pronged approach “inspiredutaining”.

I enjoy helping audiences see things in themselves they didn’t previously see. I get them to reach deep inside and access their best selves. I guide them on how they can access this piece of them whenever they want. This creates lasting change in them and hopefully for you.

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And yes, I’m happy to travel to speak too. Let’s chat!

Just Grateful to Live Out My Truth

Just Grateful to Live Out My Truth