Back in 2007 I had the choice of starting a blog or creating a newsletter. As I look back on that moment I wish that sentence was written with the word AND as opposed to OR.

As I sit in 2016 I still don’t have a newsletter. I do have a blog (obviously as you’re reading one of 100+ posts on it). The challenge is with ALL of the blogs out there I have a lightly trafficked site. If I had a newsletter I could be sharing good information in it AND driving more people, my people, to the blog.

So this newsletter thing is an improvement opportunity for me. I really do intend to work on it. The reality is, the newsletter is the easiest part for me to conceive. The challenge is the email list. Dunt Dunt Dunt (click that for the sound effect).

I don’t have a list. I have 1000s and 1000s of email addresses (like over 15k) and no list. It’s maddening. And the idea of how to start is equally maddening. Am I alone here? I’m not sure what to root for…I think I want to have company, but then I’d feel badly for you too.

Look, I know it works. My podcast partner and I just did a show about how well it worked for her clients (based on this blog post). Janet E. Johnson even talked about to get started. And if that wasn’t enough I got offered a free trial from AWeber  (big email list management/distribution company) via Twitter today. All signs are pointing to me getting on this train…finally.

As I work on building this out over the next 30ish days I’ll let you know of the process and progress. If you want more insight check out this link to our recent show that takes you to the breakdown of our podcast and shows you the video and where you can find us on Stitcher and iTunes.

Tell me about your e-mail list.

Do you have one? Do you send a bunch of e-mails? Are you sick of receiving too many emails?

Until next time…