This was originally written back in June, 2008. Still every bit as applicable today.

I consider myself fortunate because I am a very well connected
individual.  When I read that sentence I immediately think of two very
different types of “connected” one can be.

The first is one that I achieve through my efforts in both business
and networking.  As I go through my days, I am able to meet new people
and make them connections.  When I meet someone, I truly take the time
to understand who they are and what would be a good opportunity for
them.  In doing such, I become a good connection for them.  When I
actually take the time to connect them to the folks to whom they need
to be connected, I become a great connection for them.

I am connected in another way too.  Not just to people, but to
everything that is both in us and around us.  I am connected to the
Universe we all share.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not the only one.  I
mean, we are all connected.  We may have different names for what
we are connected to, but we are all connected.

You may look at the connection to your religious affiliation.  I look
at it from a universal perspective.  Either way, we can both
accomplish great things by being aware of our connectedness and doing
the right thing by it.  Because no matter what you call it, I am a part
of you and you are a part of me and we both are a part of everything.
That’s why it’s called the universe.  It’s beyond comprehension, but
this shouldn’t impact your ability to believe.

The great successes on our planet throughout time have always practiced
both types of connected.  They knew one doesn’t prosper without the other. Now you do too.

How are you connected?