I do my best to make time for reflection and to align with spirit many times throughout each day. On Sunday mornings, I usually share an image that speaks to spirituality or religion on Facebook. I’ve done this for the past 18 months or so. It’s usually a wonderful conversation starter and it helps me understand who else is similarly connected…and as an added bonus, who isn’t.

When I posted the above image, a gentleman said “Can you tell me where the nob is that needs turning? Been trying everything and can’t even find the damn manual.” I started to answer him and realized this is more of a post. So here it is…

The frequency is inside of you. It’s inside of me. It’s inside of all of us. Tuning into it isn’t a matter of knobs, dials or buttons but we still have to change the station. That station is our consciousness. God exists in everything yet is only truly accessible at our highest level of consciousness.  Your consciousness is simply your ability to perceive and be aware of that which surrounds you.

An easy way to visualize consciousness is to understand that your thoughts have a frequency.  Can you picture each thought as a note on a musical scale? Some notes have a high pitch, others have a lower one.  Most of our thoughts exist somewhere in the middle of the scale. While our consciousness is more than a collection of our thoughts, our thoughts tend to dictate where we are consciously. As such, most of us live in the middle of the consciousness plane. We can do things that raise or lower our consciousness. Watching negative news, reading about bad people or excessive drinking are examples of how one can lower their consciousness. Running, positive affirmations or yoga are ways one can raise consciousness. Another powerful way to raise consciousness is through prayer. The best way is through meditation.

The Practice of Meditation

Yes, meditation is sitting with legs crossed in the lotus position and your index finger and thumb making an Okay symbol while chanting Ommmm Ommmmm.

But that’s not all it is. Understand that it is called the “practice of meditation” for a reason. I’m not 100% sure on this, but my best guess is no-one EVER felt like they actually meditated the first time they tried. The most famous medidator of all time spent 40 days meditating under a Bodhi tree before reaching enlightenment. In Buddha’s first few hours of trying to meditate, his mind was likely as cluttered as yours will be.

Meditation starting points

Find a quiet place to sit (or even lie) down.  Quiet and comfortable are the keys here. An ideal situation would be to be in a darkish room with a single candle burning. Although not necessary, it helps to have something to focus your eyes on (you can use any faint light). A candle tends to dance and can hold a portion of your attention. The goal is to be still and to clear your mind. For the first few times, I would suggest committing to 10-15 minutes. While you may eventually spend more time than this, the earliest part of meditation is getting in the practice of doing so.

Yes, you’re distracted

And you’ll quickly realize just how much so the first several times you consciously try and quiet your mind. It’s going to be okay.  Those thoughts (whatever they are) constantly run through other people’s mind whilst they’re meditating too.The key is to acknowledge the thoughts. Thank them for what information they bring to you and to send them on their way. On the off chance you have a particularly pesky thought that won’t leave after the third time, it may be time to get up and address that. You can always come back to “practicing” later.

Ideas flow when you’re connected to source

As time goes on and you’ve been still a few times, the idea of doing this becomes easier. Now start your session by asking a single question. Maybe it’s about your relationship, a challenge at work or some other issue you’re trying to work through. Hold that question in your mind. Like most sessions, you’ll have thoughts and ideas that flow through you. Again, acknowledge them for they’re trying to teach and send them on your way. At some point, a very clear answer to your question will arise. That answer will seem “inspired”. And it is. At this very moment, you have officially connected to spirit. Congratulations.

We are all connected

The deeper into yourself you travel, the more you will recognize who you are and what you’re here to do. You will also understand who you are relative to those around you.  This is where it gets interesting. When you go deep enough into you, you will find me and all of the other consciousness on this planet (and beyond).The first time I experienced this, I realized that I was the God for which I had been searching. In that instant, I realized that we all are.Enjoy the journey.

Terry Bean is a thought leader in the area of relationship marketing. He is an author, sought after speaker and go-giver in his own right. Terry started one of the first local online/real world networking groups back in 2006 called Motor City Connect that he still runs today. Additionally Terry is the Co-Host of Business Growth Time with his high school pal Janet E. Johnson.