What is Your Awareness Level?

You know your IQ, right? At some point in your life you were given a test (or maybe you took one online) that was designed to tell you just how intelligent you are. The higher the number, the more intellectual you likely are. That’s awesome.

Some of you are familiar with your EQ…this is a test that measures emotional intelligence. People with high EQs are likely to be empathetic, caring, good listeners and really in touch with their feelings. People with low EQs are more like our dads and granddads were. I kid…sort of.

So what is this AQ I speak of? Well, it’s your Awareness Quotient. This measures a couple of very important things for us business leaders:

  1. Just how attuned we are to our surroundings in the NOW
  2. How aware others are about who we are and what we do

It is my goal to help you increase your AQ so you can improve many relationships in your life. We will start by defining what “momentary mastery” is and then we will move into how to make sure others are aware of you:

We will look at things like:

  • How to be present to your present
  • Understanding the role of sub-conscious vs. conscious mind
  • Increasing your ability to focus
  • Spending time on what matters
  • Causal marketing
  • Telling your story
  • The Y behind You

By the time you walk out this session you will have an increased awareness of what surrounds and those who surround you will have an increased awareness of you, too.

Are you ready?