You owe it to yourself AND to your network to be the best networker you can possibly be.

While Facebook looks like any number of reality TV shows, LinkedIn is the business documentary you need to watch.

You’ve done the “google myslef” thing, right? Most people are surprised (and excited) to find their LinkedIn profile is the first result. Since Google uses LinkedIn that well, shouldn’t you?

And I want to help you. When you use LinkedIn right, it’s much easier to:

  • Be found by prospective clients and/or employers
  • Locate and learn about the decision makers you need to meet
  • Stay current in your industry
  • Stay top of mind with your network
  • Check out future employees and partners
  • Use all of the bells and whistles you didn’t know existed

I recently celebrated 10 years on LinkedIn and I taught the first Detroit area LinkedIn class in 2005. I’d be thrilled to show you all of the tips and pieces of brilliance I’ve acquired along the way.

LinkedIn really is a power tool. It’s part SEO monster, Part contact manager, Part resume, Part research tool and it’s ALL business. And when you use it right, your business will grow!

This is the last class you’ll ever need on LinkedIn. I don’t just tell you the what…I give you the HOW and most importantly the WHY. You’ll love it!

The better we all get at networking, the better all of our networking will be.