I have long been seeking a new word to describe business networking face networking in of itself just doesn’t do it for me.

For starters networking is already a well known verb in the computer world. Its the act of connecting computers. Sure one can argue that the act of connecting people could use the same word but is it really the same? Imagine if to network people we had to have wires run between us…or worse we continually had to reset the wireless router that was supposed to be connecting us. Now that would be fun.

The other downside is that networking and networkers have earned a bit of a bad rap. Multi-level-marketing aka network marketing has had a negative impact on networking. Similarly some individuals who have misunderstood the core tenants of networking have made it uncomfortable to attend events. You know the ones who come at you, hand you their card, tell you all about them and then move onto the next unsuspecting victim. Its really not their fault, where does one learn how to network properly?

What if there was a new normal in networking? One where people understood the ground rules from the beginning and participated for mutual gain?

Two of my favorite things two speak on have been networking and leveraging the law of attraction.

In fact I named my business Networked Inc and my logo is an N shaped magnet.

This got me thinking that maybe networking should be combined with attracting. And what better way to represent that then combining the word magnet with word networking.

Please join me in welcoming magnetworking into our vernacular. Magnetworking is defined as attracting what one seeks by leveraging both the universe and their network.

The process of magnetworking will be explained further in future posts and will be fully explored at our 11/17 presentation.

I shall look forward to MagNetworking with you real soon.