I’ve been blessed to deliver this talk originally as the lunch Keynote at TiEcon Midwest 2010. I’ve given similar talks to the Rotary in Bloomfield Hills, Better Business Bureau and Bullseye, Right on Target Business Conference.

This talk has a significant message about the power of giving and how important it is to do now. This talk touches people deeper and for a longer time than most any other talk I’ve delivered. Take a read and see if this may be right for your audience.

“It’s the right thing to do”

In the olden days business got done by what you knew. If you didn’t have a skill, a big idea or a strong back, you didn’t get paid. Recently people decided it wasn’t what you know, but who you know that’s important. The right connections could lead you most anywhere.

Nowadays what really matters is “how you’re known”. Are you a good person? Do you help others? Do you do what you said you would do? Without a strong personal brand that is committed to doing the right thing, you will not succeed in the age of business karma.

Join Terry Bean, author, serial entrepreneur and founder of Motor City Connect, as he merges business and spirituality right in front of your eyes.

You will walk out of this impactful seminar with big ideas on:

Letting go of the “so what” of your life

Authentic communication
The power of doing it now
Ways to lead whilst serving
How giving helps you receive
Attracting, engaging and enrolling others
The planetary shift in consciousness

This presentation will answer a lot of questions and will likely raise some new ones for you.

Michigan’s very own Attraction Hero Terry Bean discusses why Social Entrepreneurship and Business Karma are such important considerations in the NOW economy. Audiences appear mesmerized as spirituality and smart business principals are merged seamlessly in front of their eyes. Do not miss!