Who do you know?- A lesson in relationship marketing

As a former recruiter those four words in that specific order were invaluable to me.

Recruiting is nothing more than a gigantic game of “kiss the frog”. You only got paid after kissing the one that turned into a prince. The best way to find more frogs to kiss was to ask the ones you were kissing who they knew that have skills similar to theirs. You could spend an entire day making calls just by asking that one question. Think about it who knows the talent pool better than those working in it? They give great referrals.

For your business to have continued success you need great referrals. For you to find the career you seek, you need great referrals.

The best way to get great referrals is to understand exactly who you want to meet and ask the relationships you have who they know who could make that introduction. These four words are also helpful if you want to ask in a more general sense to as in who do you know who owns a restaurant.

These four words make it easier for your network to sort through their mental Rolodex. And the easier you make it for them to do that, the easier you make it for them to give you a referral.

The mindset of relationship marketing

Without the right mindset you wont attract the right individuals into your life. Consider this: everything you have in your life was put into it by you. This includes all the good and bad you experience now as well everything thats happened until now. You even chose what family would raise you. Heavy, eh?

You are a co-creator in this existence. If business is good, your spouse is wonderful and life is a bowl of cherries keep smiling and being grateful for it. If life is mostly good and the tough times aren’t so bad know that you can always make them better just by being true to you. And the worse your life is the truer that last statement becomes.

Before you can bring the right relationships to you, you need the right relationship with you. You need to fully understand who you are, what value you can offer to others and how they can assist you. When you’ve got that, be comfortable helping others when you can and asking others for the help you need.

Nurture the relationship with you and realize the relationships you need will be attracted into your life. It’s easy to do once you get clear on what you want.

You are here to do great things. Its a mighty big world and we all have a lot to do. My man John George of Blightbusters says it best: “Many hands make for light work.” We are truly better together.

Attraction Action & Achievement- a guide to getting what you want NOW!- presentation

A Superhero’s Guide To Attraction, Action & Achievement: How To Flame Your Passion, Build Your Brand And Grow Your Business

Join guest speaker Terry Bean on this wild adventure as he discusses how he turned his hobby into a well paying jobby. When you leave this presentation you will learn how to turn your passion into profits.

This is a fast paced seminar that will get you excited, inspired and focused on what’s next. You may be asked to participate so start thinking about what your dream life looks like now. Special credit for anyone who sits in the front row.

Terry Bean, the attraction hero , has a passion for helping others succeed. He is known as many things: a professional speaker, a social media pro, a relationship marketing expert, but most importantly he brings people together.

Terry is the founder and driving force behind the fastest growing networking group in Detroit, www.motorcityconnect.com and Networked Inc., a company that provides training on the concepts and benefits of online and real world networking to numerous sales teams, groups and professionals.

Terry serves on the Advisory Board for both Operation Kid Equip and Empowermind. These two great organizations focus on education and children. Additionally he works with numerous community leaders to make Detroit a better place. In 2009 he received the “Presidential Volunteer Service Award” from President Obama. In 2010 he was honored as a Leader and Innovator through Lawrence Tech University.

Who Should Attend:Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, CEOs, CMOs and Marketing Professionals Who are eager to discover how to use social media marketing to grow their business.

What You Will Learn At Social Media Michigan:

Look at success in new ways which make you smile
Be able to key in on which of your strengths serve you well
Have a clear idea as to how to cover your weaknesses
Know how to position yourself as the “go-to” person in your space
Understand how to do what you love so you can love what you do
Be ready to do what it takes to live your best life. NOW
And Much More…

Relationship Marketing- Owning spot 1 in their mental rolodex-presentation

In October 2011 I was invited to deliver the keynote at LA2M.Org. Since LA2M stands for Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing, I knew I needed something in the marketing genre. Over the past year I have been playing around with “Relationship Marketing” as an all encompassing term for social media, online networking, business networking and everything else having in this area.

I put this 84 slide presentation together and managed to deliver it in under 30 minutes. While the audience received a ton of benefit from it I believe this should be at least a 75 minute talk. I look forward to delivering it again.

There is a link to this presentation on the LA2M site. Unfortunately the slides are A LOT pink. Even more unfortunate is after the talk ended a couple of smart guys worked with me on the laptop and figured out how to change it and make it regular color. Better late than never.

Here is the presentation information (you can also click on the link above to see this text and the video):

We all know how important it is to show up on page 1 on Google. But did you know that most everyone “searches” the same spot before they even log on to their computer when seeking a solution? They go to their brain. You want to make sure that your brand is the first thing they think of when they hear an opportunity for your industry. This fun and fast paced presentation will:

* Define relationship marketing

* Teach you effective personal branding you can use both online and off

* Show you how to create concise and specific branding messages

* Help you leave a positive imprint on everyone you meet

* Discuss techniques on how to be the best conversationalists people will meet

Join Terry Bean, Founder of Motor City Connect, Author of “The Universal Guide to Business Networking”, and all around good guy as he shares his passion for success with the audience. You will laugh, learn and be ready to woo just about anyone at the completion of this talk.

Terry Bean’s passion is helping others succeed. He is known as many things: a professional speaker, a social media pro, a relationship marketing expert, but most importantly he brings people together. Terry is the founder and driving force behind the fastest growing networking group in Detroit, www.MotorCityConnect.com. He is also the founder of Tribal Graph, a social infrastructure company whose product is used to connect entrepreneurs and investors and Networked Inc., a company that provides training on the concepts and benefits of online and real world networking to numerous sales teams, groups and professionals.

Additionally he works with numerous community leaders to make Detroit a better place. In 2009 he received the “Presidential Volunteer Service Award” from President Obama. In 2010 he was honored as a Leader and Innovator through Lawrence Tech University.

Online Networking NOW. Intro-Advanced level social media presentations

I’ve been giving presentations on social media since before they started calling it social media. Whether your audience needs advanced techniques on how to grow business through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more or are simply just learning how to fill out a profile, you need to Trybean. His ability to read an audience, answer questions effectively and deliver knowledge in easy to understand language is priceless. Bring Terry in to educate, inspire and entertain your audience now!

Business Power Tools – An introduction to using Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to grow any business NOW

The buzz is everywhere. Business Week, Wall Street Journal and CNN are reporting about it. Oprah, Larry King and Aston Kutcher are chatting about it. Your competitors are doing it.

Whether you call it social media or social networking or web 2.0 or internet marketing, the question on every professional’s mind is this: “Is social media a complete waste of time or an essential power tool for business in a post phonebook world?”

The simple answer is “yes”.

Amid all of the distractions, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter are emerging as the essential tools for marketing your business in a tough market. Join Terry Bean from Motor City Connect for this entertaining and educational seminar as he takes you through the tools and rules of social media. You’ll learn what works, what to avoid and how to use Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to grow your network, engage prospects and generate profit. Get ready to kick your internet marketing presence into gear.

This session can run for as short as 30 minutes and hit the highlights or we can take deep, deep interactive dives that can last as long as 2 days. There is no shortage information and explanations on how you can best use these tools for your businesses’ needs.

Here is one of the 75 plus endorsements that have been written on my behalf:

“Terry spoke to Michigan Technological University alumni at career networking events recently in Ann Arbor and Sterling Heights, MI. In addition to a motivating (and humorous) presentation on the value of networking, Terry spent considerable time connecting with guests both before and after his talk. He also took the time to research Michigan Tech and incorporated many references to the school in his talk. We will definitely engage Terry again and would not hesitate to recommend him as a speaker to other organizations.

Brenda Rudiger
Director of Alumni Relations at Michigan Technological University

Your network equals your net worth- Several lessons in effective networking

This session is on the fundamentals of networking. It can be delivered as a training or as an interactive presentations. In either scenario the audience will laugh, learn and be ready to connect on new levels.

Terry Bean, founder of Motor City Connect tells you why you owe it to yourself AND to your network to be the best networker you can possibly be.

We have all heard that it’s not what you know it’s who you know, right? BARNACLES, it’s all about how you’re known. This impactful training teaches how to become an individual to whom people want to refer more business.

What your team will learn:

Why networking works
What they need to know in advance of doing it so they are doing it right
How to choose the right events to attend
Which Online sites are worth your time
Ways to identify your ideal referral partners
The components of a powerful ASK (I don’t believe in elevator pitches)

The class is fast and if I were an angry guy it would be furious. I’m not, but there are 27 big ideas delivered that can immediately and positively impact your staff’s comfort and performance while doing this most important function.

Here is one of the 75+ endorsements that have been written on my behalf:

“Go out of your way to hear Terry Bean–and then move mountains to get him to your organization/community/business. I don’t often smile with delight at the back of a workshop room but I do when Terry Bean is presenting. I hear a lot of speakers on a variety of topics and Terry is one of the best. Knowledgeable, entertaining, personable–Terry is a speaker that creates a relationship with the audience and then takes them to magical place where ideas and information come fast and furious. Great content is delivered on the wings of inspiration. If you appreciate talent, intelligence, creativity and humor–then you’ll appreciate working with Terry Bean.” – Penny Shanks, Executive Director, Clarkston Chamber

I also offer classes on Referrals, Leadership, Communications, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. These classes can be tailored for your audience.

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Karma presentation

I’ve been blessed to deliver this talk originally as the lunch Keynote at TiEcon Midwest 2010. I’ve given similar talks to the Rotary in Bloomfield Hills, Better Business Bureau and Bullseye, Right on Target Business Conference.

This talk has a significant message about the power of giving and how important it is to do now. This talk touches people deeper and for a longer time than most any other talk I’ve delivered. Take a read and see if this may be right for your audience.

“It’s the right thing to do”

In the olden days business got done by what you knew. If you didn’t have a skill, a big idea or a strong back, you didn’t get paid. Recently people decided it wasn’t what you know, but who you know that’s important. The right connections could lead you most anywhere.

Nowadays what really matters is “how you’re known”. Are you a good person? Do you help others? Do you do what you said you would do? Without a strong personal brand that is committed to doing the right thing, you will not succeed in the age of business karma.

Join Terry Bean, author, serial entrepreneur and founder of Motor City Connect, as he merges business and spirituality right in front of your eyes.

You will walk out of this impactful seminar with big ideas on:

Letting go of the “so what” of your life

Authentic communication
The power of doing it now
Ways to lead whilst serving
How giving helps you receive
Attracting, engaging and enrolling others
The planetary shift in consciousness

This presentation will answer a lot of questions and will likely raise some new ones for you.

Michigan’s very own Attraction Hero Terry Bean discusses why Social Entrepreneurship and Business Karma are such important considerations in the NOW economy. Audiences appear mesmerized as spirituality and smart business principals are merged seamlessly in front of their eyes. Do not miss!

Getting what you want through relationship marketing

Now that I’ve shared my experience with and definition of relationship marketing let’s take a look at how to execute the getting what you want phase.

The first thing you need is to understand what you seek. (Technically that’s the second thing the real first thing is to give to others). Far too often I speak to business owners who aren’t fully capable of concisely describing a good lead for themselves. You need to know two things in order to do that:

What do you do?

Who do you serve?

The first one is easy. You know what you do. You do it everyday. It tends to get a little tricky when you do a bunch of different things. Not that the work is tricky, just the ability to communicate it concisely (more on this later in the series).

One thing I’ve noticed is that folks who share why they do what they so in addition to what they do get a more favorable response. This is because when you talk about the why, there is a lot of passion. Passion is engaging. People like passion. “What you do” without passion isn’t exciting to anyone. What you do with passion makes people want to assist you.

Who do you serve tends to be a bit tougher especially for small and/or new business owners. Why? Because most often they are willing to serve anyone who wants to write them a check. Im not saying this is a bad thing. I am saying it harder for your network to target people like that for you.

Lots of consultants and coaches will tell you to pick a niche and own it!! This is decent advice because:

A. You will have an easier time penetrating just one industry because you can really focus your marketing and networking efforts.

B. It becomes a lot easier for you to appear an expert in this space.

I would suggest that its not as important for you to worry about being an expert in their space. And you need to clearly communicate how your being an expert in your area will make them be better in theirs.

This is the foundation for getting what you seek. The next few posts will talk about the ASK (which you can download a 7 page whitepaper on from the TRYBEAN website), building relationships and maintaining them.

Relationship Marketing defined

This is part 2 in a series on relationship marketing. You can find part 1 entitled “My experience in relationship marketing” by clicking that link.

Since relationship marketing is leveraging the relationships you have to create the ones you need, some definitions are in order.

Relationships you have is pretty simple… these are the people you know and who know you. In an ideal world they will also like and trust you. When you have the combination of know, like and trust the likelihood of them being willing to introduce you increases greatly.

Create the ones you need refers to the idea of being introduced. There are all kinds of ways to introduce people. On the low end you have “here’s mr Xs name and #. Please don’t tell him I told you to call.” You can have an e-troduction where the individual making the introduction emails both parties at the same time to explain why these two may want to meet. You can have the introducer bring the parties together for a face to face meeting at an office or over drinks or lunch. Generally speaking the more involved the introducer, the better the introduction.

Leverage isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact leverage is a positive term as it usually refers to something that helps. And its no different in this case. It simply means locating the person you want to meet and asking someone who knows you both for an introduction.

This process is very effective especially for those people who have been in the habit of giving. The old adage in networking is “givers gain”. It’s true. You have to give to get. Because when you’re leveraging relationships properly you are going to be asking people for introductions. It’s much easier to make that request when you know you have made plenty of them for others. It’s more challenging (for most people) if you feel like you are the one asking for something all the time.

My experience in relationship marketing

I started doing business networking face to face back in 1995. I was young, impressionable and instantly understood the value of selfish altruism. What is selfish altruism you ask? It’s the realization that helping others ultimately helps you. Its actually one of the foundations of why networking works.

I got into online networking when I joined Linkedin back in 2004. I was very active in a number of groups and quickly made connections all over the world. It was an amazingly interesting time. So much to learn. So many big ideas, cool people and wonderful opportunities. It was like everything I loved about face to face was available to me 24/7 without any of the stuff that didn’t interest me.

In 2006 I joined Facebook and started Motor City Connect. Both would offer new and exciting ways to connect. The prior still allows me to stay current with my past and the latter has set the bar for networking in Detroit. Facebook is my favorite tool because it allows me a 360 degree view into the lives of my connections.

And just to complete the list I joined Twitter in 08, google buzz, wave and plus when they were introduced and spent a fair amount of time checking in on foursquare.

Prior to actually posting this 24 hours after I wrote it the idea of multi-level-marketing or MLM came to mind. In 2007 I finally spent money on an MLM product offering after reviewing no less than 35 different opportunities in the 13 years prior. As an avid networker, you’re a target. As a nice guy who is interested in business growth, you listen to folks who are passionate about what they do. I never really connected with anything until I looked at Monavie. I understood the need for health. I liked the idea of promoting something positive and I figured how bad could it be? The juice was tasty and helped folks. What I didn’t realize is that I would quickly become the “juice guy”. Maybe my skin isn’t thick enough or maybe I”m too concerned with my “rep”. I couldn’t have people not calling me back and ditching me when I reached out to them.

I do think MLM has a bad name and is a great way to move products or services.

Why is this relevant? Im not totally sure other than this is my foundation for relationship marketing.

I believe relationship marketing is about leveraging the relationships you have to create the ones you need. The aforementioned are tools that you can use to do so.