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Want to Become a TEDx Speaker?

November 22, 20232 min read

If you’re looking for instant credibility as a thought leader, few things can get you there faster than your TEDx speaking video. It’s like being awarded a certificate in thought leadership.

The good news is everyone has a Talk worth sharing. 

The bad news is, most folks wouldn’t know how to properly pitch the idea if the organizer were their best friend.

You’ve noticed that sometimes what’s said isn’t as important as how it’s said, right?

Never is this more true than a TEDx application. 

Think about it, you’re trying to pitch your idea and make it stand out in a pile of 100s?

You’d better be good. Scratch that. You’d better be GREAT!!

I have a 5 step process to get you there*.

  • Extract – We pull everything out of your head that relates to why this is an “idea worth spreading”.

  • Exact – We scrap everything that isn’t going to be a part of the eventual presentation, and focus on creating the…

  • Pitch – The words we are going to present to get you on stage

  • Polish – It will take a lot more than words. I’ll coach you up until you’re beyond ready to…

  • Present – We’re going to make a dynamite 60 second video that explains precisely why they need you on their stage

* While originally designed to help you land TEDx Stages, this process will help you organize and deliver any BIG idea you want to share.

This process can be delivered in 1 on 1 OR group coaching sessions. You can review more details on them by clicking their respective links, or… Let’s chat and see which is best for you!

How do I know this works? Because I’ve been producing one of the largest and longest running TEDx’s on the planet for the past 15 years. I’ve seen 1000’s of applications and work with one of the most discerning curators around. Oh and my BS filter is rock solid.

In addition to the 5 step process we’ve got some extra goodies that help you find the right stages for you and a process to make sure your application gets considered.

If you’re ready to step on to that little red dot, but aren’t exactly sure how to get on it, we should chat. SCHEDULE some time with me.

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