10 Week Thought Leadership Course

10 Week Thought Leadership Course

Thought leader.




As long as you’re the “go to person” in your area, does it really matter what they call you…I mean, as long as they’re actually calling YOU.

For years I’ve talked about the idea of “owning spot 1 in your network’s mental rolodex”. Now I want to show you specifically how to build that level of thought leadership.


Thought leaders receive a lot of benefit from their additional exposure. It could be as simple as:

* Adding new followers

* Having more clients say yes to them

* Getting invited to funtastical events

* Standing on stage and sharing their knowledge

* Being a guest on more podcasts

* Having a long list of future employees wanting to join them

Below you'll find information on a 10-week course designed to help you find your true self, your content plan and other things that are going to enable you to become the highly sought after professional you aim to be.

Let's start by exploring the 10 sessions and then break each one down a bit below:

Who you are

What you do

Who you do it for and why they care

Being the SHIT on the socials

Building out your Story-selling, Humor, Inspiration and Truth messages

Creating Raving Fans


Marketing Guideline

Becoming your own PR rep

How to be a better public speaker

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email me.

Now that you have an idea of what the 10 weeks look like, let’s talk a bit more about each session.

Week 1 is: Who You Are.

We will take a really deep dive into who you are. What makes you unique. What makes you tick. And what makes you stand out.

There will be some lessons in introspection (call it meditation, call it quiet time, call it reflection…whatever, just do it).

You’ll also be assigned a personality test or 3. I’m rather partial to

Myers-Briggs, DISC, and of course my new favorite: Behavioral Elements.

Anyone of these can be completed in about 15 minutes and will share a world of insight as to who you are, how you process information and what matters to you.

If you do nothing else, take a personality test. Then share it with someone who loves you to see just how spot on they are. Not only will you have a better understanding of how to relate to yourself, when you apply this knowledge, you’ll have a better way to relate to others too.

Week 2 is: What You Do

Sure you know what you do, but do others? Maybe a better question is are you the first person they think of when they hear someone talking about problems you solve?

If you don’t have this, you are missing out on a TON of opportunities.

One of the challenges most people face is they talk about their work in too technical of a fashion. You have to be bi-lingual when it comes to your work. Sure you can share all the “inside baseball” so your colleagues and competitors know you’re cool. Just make sure you’re using words your target audience understands too.

William Butler Yeats said it best: “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people”.

Week 3 – Who You Do It for and Why They Care

It’s no longer enough to simply say who you help (PSA – It’s NEVER been enough to say you help anyone or everyone…just stop that NOW).

Your messaging HAS to reach your intended audience. And the best way to do that is to make it so specific that they’re the only ones with whom it will resonate. Stop casting a wide net. Those have too many holes.

Be surgical with your messaging…not a generalist.

Week 4 – Being the SHIT on the Socials

Leveraging social media right is a great way to achieve thought leader status.

After 15 years of helping people increase their engagement on social media I decided it was time for an easy to remember acronym. Some people may call it THIS, but this isn’t nearly as funny.

This session has some tricks and tips to make sure the humor and inspirational posts are really easy to find and share. Here’s a hint: Take your industry (let’s pretend it’s mortgage) and google this: "Mortgage memes funny". Or mortgage memes inspiration. BOOM You’re halfway there.

Week 5 – The Story-selling and Truth Formulas

The other half of the content mix is a LOT more involved. You actually have to get creative and share the work you do for your clients, partners, and whomever.

The better you get at sharing your truth AND story-selling, the more you’ll have people sliding into your DMs.

Week 6 -Building a Mutual Admiration Society

If you’re not getting people to amplify your message by liking, commenting or sharing, you’re going to only end up speaking to those who already know you.

The reason that content mix is so important is so it reaches more folks. “Raving Fans” kick that up a notch as they are the conduit for you to reach more folks.

Here’s your tip: Go be a raving fan for other thought leaders before you worry about creating them for yourself.

Week 7 – Resources

Unlike the rest of the weeks which will feel like a class (online as it may be), this week is more of a one-on-one session.

What do you need? Who do you need to meet? What do you need to read, listen to?

How do we begin the process of making lasting change for you through my network, knowledge and whatever will best serve you today.

Week 8 – Marketing Guidelines for Thought Leadership

I can’t really call this a marketing strategy, because that is outside of the scope of this project.

What I can tell you is how to structure your marketing. Especially the tools, timing, frequency, groups you need to post in and so much more.

Consider it a mini marketing plan that will be more than enough to set you up for marketing success.

Week 9 – Becoming Your Own PR Pro

Let’s face it: It’s fun to see your name in the paper, face on tv or hear your voice on a podcast.

There is a big secret in the PR space and I’m happy to share it with you (in the class).

We will go over some tips on how to pitch your big ideas and become the person they call when they need to speak to an expert.

Week 10 – Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Now that you have the big idea, the messaging, and the desire to be seen my many more folks, we need to make sure your speaking game is tight.

This session will focus on making sure you have the poise, confidence and cadence to pull off a wonderful talk.

This is true for video and live talks alike.

So that’s the 10-week thought leader program.

It’s going to run every Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST starting January 17, 2024 through the end of March. You can get in after it starts because we record each session.

You’ll have the recordings of each session and support via both email and phone. It’s going to be a ton of great, actionable information that you can begin to use right away.

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