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Details on the Finding Harmony in the F*cks You Give Book

April 01, 20233 min read

It doesn’t really matter if you call it “stress,” “anxiety,” “worry” or “FOMO.” These all lead to a feeling of uneasiness. And that’s just not a fun way to live.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a trusted system that helped you:

  • Deal with the root cause

  • Feel better in a moment’s time

  • Focus on what actually matters—to you

  • Effectively deal with past trauma once and for all

  • Recognize when feelings were coming BEFORE they swallowed you whole

  • Give your “triggers” a rest

Front and back cover of Finding Harmony

Get an idea of the ride you’re going to go on…

Buying and living THIS BOOK will help you build the system you need ((E-book HERE)).

Let’s back up a bit…Why the Finding Harmony book exists

The book began as a series of essays designed to help Terry Bean’s daughter get through some trauma she experienced at school. You can watch a video on that if you’re interested. You can see other videos or read the whole genesis story HERE.

About 10 essays in, Terry noticed that his daughter was pulling out of the dark place she was in. Maybe it was just the love and support she received from her parents. Maybe the lessons had been working. At one point, Terry asked her if she thought these writings would be helpful to others. She immediately replied “yes.”

Terry knew that if he wanted to create a GREAT book, he would need to enlist the help of a very talented writer and thinker, so he asked his friend Alexandra Borzo if she’d like to join the mission. Fortunately for you all, she said H*LL YEAH!

What’s in the Finding Harmony Book?

There are 32 BIG lessons and almost 20 activities designed to be thought starters to help you figure out what matters most to you. Most of our stress exists because we focus on the wrong things too often. This book unpacks and rewires the habits we don’t even realize have bogged us down.

If you look at the TABLE OF CONTENTS you’ll see each section of the book is intentionally short. Read and work on an essay a day and we promise you’ll have a different outlook on life a month from now.

Here are some cherry-picked essay titles from the Finding Harmony Book that might pique your interest:

  • Mindfulness matters

  • Sitting with the pain

  • Your triggers are yours

  • Keep your highs low and your lows high

  • Happiness is elusive and an inside job

  • Be more flexible

  • “It’s always my pleasure”

  • The fire inside

  • Your future self

  • You’ll slip

  • Gratitude

What about the Workbook for the Finding Harmony book?


The Workbook is our gift to you.

The workbook is the perfect companion to the book. What’s the point of reading a bunch of things that can help you without doing the work to truly help yourself.

This is your journey, the authors are your guides. We can tell you where to look to find the things you want to see, but if you don’t actually do the searching, you will miss out on the experience.

There are some very insightful exercises in THE WORKBOOK. They all compliment the essay before and allow you to internalize the learning.

If you get the e-book, the workbook is the same link you’ll see above.

Finding Harmony Book Cover

Take a Deep Dive into finding what matters to you.

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