Tips for Using Social Media to Find Your Next Career

A friend of mine asked me years ago to discuss how job seekers could use this new thing on Facebook called Timeline to find a new career. There were some valuable ideas and really grainy video. So she was kind enough to ask for an update. This covers some thoughts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Flipbook. Take a few minutes and give it a listen. Even better, watch it without the sound. I move A LOT.

Added bonus is that if you have a job or are looking to portray yourself as an expert in your field, the information is EXACTLY the same.


10 New Rules for Sucking Less at Networking

Life becomes less hard when you suck less.

I’ve been coaching/training people on being better at networking for almost 10 years. It dawned on me that perhaps I’ve been looking at it the wrong way. Maybe instead of  helping people be better, maybe I should suggest ways they can simply suck less. To that end, here you go…

1. Must be present to win- I’ve talked about the #1 rule of networking is you have to “show up”. You know what? It’s not enough to show up. You have to be present. And I mean fully present. Not thinking about what’s for lunch or what’s on TV tonight. Put your phone down and pay attention. Opportunities to be of service and to be referred happen quickly at networking events. If you’re not present, you will miss them.

2. Stop bringing “enough cards for everyone”- Look at your desk (or your nightstand or your old shoe box or wherever you stash these things) and count how many cards you haven’t done a thing with. Go ahead. I’ll wait. You done? Right…not even close BUB. Here’s the trick, you don’t need to give your card to everyone you meet. You know why? Because not everyone you meet wants it. And that’s okay. Cards should be passed out and collected sparingly. Speaking of cards…

3.  Ask people for their cards- No. Not everyone. Only the people with whom you want to build a relationship. Here’s the logic. When you pass them your card, you have to wait for them to call you. When you get their card, you can control the follow up.

4. Don’t just talk with people you already know- Networking is about meeting new people as much as it’s about reconnecting with folks you know. You have to have a balance. Make it a point to meet 3-5 new people at every event you attend. 3-5, not 30-50. It’s easier to meet new people at a networking event when you’re not worried about meeting everyone…trust me.

5. Introduce people- Since people are there to meet people, be of service and make some introductions. You don’t have to hold onto your contacts like they’re a Pete Rose rookie card. Share them. Every once in a while you’ll make a very valuable connection and these two people will both be on the lookout for ways to help you.

6. Stop selling us. Seriously. People go to networking events to network. This is very different than a sales meeting. You may get lucky and meet someone who has a need for your offering. Be cool. Setup a time to meet with them outside of the event. Who knows, the next person either of you meet may need those services too. Don’t miss that opportunity by staying in that conversation.

7. Talk less. Listen more. I’ve long said “I’ve never learned anything new with my mouth open”. You already know what you do and what good opportunities are for you. To be effective in networking, you need to learn how to help those in your network. You can’t do that if you’re too busy flapping your gums.

8. Spend more time on the WHY and less on the WHAT- Most people at a networking event knows what a loan officer does. Same is true for an accountant, an attorney and a financial planner. Spend 3 seconds telling us what you do and the rest of the time telling us why you do it. That’s where passion lives. And passion is what engages people. You should also tell us for whom you do it.

9. Have a purpose- Know why you’re going to these events in the first place. Make sure you’re consistent with it. Far too often people want to tell you about their business, their other business, the non-profit they support and sometimes just some silly stuff. Pick one thing and focus on it.

10. Follow up- This is more of an “after the event” thing, but it’s so important. If you tell someone you’re going to follow up with them, do it. Write this down somewhere: DWYSYWD- Do What You Said You Would Do. Be impeccable with your word. If you don’t intend to follow up with someone, don’t tell them you will. It’s that easy.

Follow these 10 rules and not only will you have a better networking experience, so will the people with whom you’re networking.

What ideas would you add to this list?

Our First Impression of Blab

Are birds that social?

My lovely co-host of Business Growth Time, Janet E. Johnson and I do a quick 10 minute review of Blab. We hopped on the platform early last week and had a blast. We talk about some of the features, fun and functionality.

All in all, it’s a very cool platform that when used properly can aid your business. Like all social tools, you can get sucked down a rabbit hole instantly. Be careful blabbing 😉

You can check our show on Business Growth Time our review of Blab. If you like it, be sure to check out our Business Growth Time Facebook Group and our Facebook Business Blabbers group.

12 Steps to Better Networking

Show up- This is first and will always be. If you don’t show up ready to network both online and off, you won’t be effective at it. Networking takes effort…hence the word “working”. Take the time to understand how the following ideas fit into your networking world, and you will do well.

Know what you have to offer- Without a solid understanding of what you have to offer, you will find it much harder to give. How often do you give any of the following to your network: Time, Energy, Attention, Money, Expertise, Connections or Resources? See, you have a lot more to give than you thought.

Know what you want to receive- When it comes to networking most people want the same thing: More Business. That’s great! But unless you can tell us what kind of business will be best for you, we will have a hard time giving it to you. The more specific your ASK, the better. People want to help you, but we can’t do so unless you tell us how.

Consider “After You” Networking- Everyone worries about making a great first impression. Use this to your advantage. When meeting someone new, let them go first. Several benefits are yours with this approach: A. You’ll demonstrate your desire to be interested prior to being interesting. B. You’ll have a solid understanding of who they are and what they need. C. They’ll be able to actually listen to you when it’s your turn to speak. D. If they don’t listen to you, you know exactly what kind of person they are.

Use online networking effectively- So many tools, so little time. The good news is they can help you expand your network FAST. The most important thing about online networking is creating and maintain relationships. The power of “search” is one you must understand. It’s about finding the folks you need while making sure those who need you can easily find you too.

Give when you can- You already have an idea of what you have to offer, be sure to give it when you can. We have all heard the phrase “Giver’s gain” made popular by Dr. Ivan Misner of BNI fame. It’s time to put it to good use. Give. Give a lot. Give every chance you can. I firmly believe that giving others a clear path (ASK) on how they can help you is an act of giving.

Connect others- Networking is about levering the relationships you have to create the relationships you need. This requires introductions. Don’t sit and wait for others to introduce you. Make connections for them too. The more proactive you can be in this space, the better.

Know why networking works- Networking works when people work at it. If you give to me, I’m going to make sure I do my best to give to you…This is the Law of Reciprocity. Similarly if you give to me, I’m going to make sure I pay it forward and give to someone else. This is the Law of Generosity. Universal Laws dictate much of our life and networking is no different.

Ask. Listen. Repeat.- When it comes to networking, and all good communications for that matter, Asking good questions and listening to the answers is at the heart of it all. Make sure you practice these important skills again and again. If you’ve ever wanted to honor someone, ask them questions about their favorite topic (themselves) and actually take time to listen to the answer.

Make it easy for others to help you- It’s a big world and you’ve got a lot to do. You’ll do far more with the assistance of others. Don’t make others chase YOU to help YOU. Make your contact information easy to access by putting it on your e-mail signature and social media profiles. When someone does say they will help, call or e-mail them. Don’t make them reach out to you.

Say thank you- It’s important to update your network on the status of any referral they have given you. It’s vital that you thank them for it. You can make a phone call and say thanks just slightly easier than you can go by a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. Just be sure to let them know they and their faith in you are appreciated.

Follow up- This is the number one area where sales people and networkers blow big opportunities…they fail to follow up. Following up is so crucial that I dedicated the entire last chapter of my book to it. You can follow by letter, e-mail, telephone, video chat, social media or several other ways. How you do it isn’t nearly as important as you actually doing it.

Thank you for taking the time to read these. Proper implementation of these ideas will result in big praise from both your wallet and your network.

Terry Bean is the Founder of Motor City Connect and a relationship marketing expert. Additionally, Mr. Bean is a very gifted speaker who loves to share his business and personal development wisdom with audiences of all shapes and sizes.

Bob Burg

Super excited to be bringing my friend and networking mentor, Bob Burg back to town on June 26th at Lawrence Technological University.

Bob will be sharing his “Endless Referrals: The Go-Giver Way” presentation with an audience of over 200 professionals. This will be a great opportunity to connect with new folks while learning some tips that you can implement immediately.

Here are the highlights of what you’ll learn that day:

  • Quickly cultivate new prospects — whether or not you have ANY existing contacts.
  • Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money.
  • Instantly connect via what Bob calls, “Feel-Good Questions®.”
  • Instantly deepen that new connection via the “One Key Question” that will set you apart from the rest.
  • Really use social media as a truly effective, profitable, business-building tool.
  • Model the one SECRET all superstar salespeople use to get to the top.
  • And much, much more!

Bob has been teaching people how to network more effectively since the mid-90s and he is regarded as one of the best. You’ll love his style, humor and ability to engage the audience. The information is immediately implementable and it can take your business to the next level.

Buy tickets early and SAVE BIG. We’ve got special pricing from 5/20-5/22. Details will be posted soon.

If you’re interested in seeing a couple of promos you can click HERE to learn about Endless Referrals and HERE to learn about Price vs. Value.

Learning and sharing about SEO

One of the first things I learned is just because you put up a website, Google, doesn’t know it’s there. You HAVE to link to it from somewhere.

See if you can guess what this post is about?? Give up?

It’s about linking, silly! There’s a lot I’m learning right now.

I figure the best way to learn something is to teach it to others.

While I’m not suggesting this blog will teach you much, it will share some thoughts with you. And if you follow along, or ever join the conversation, we might be able to learn something together 😉

One thing I’m testing out today is to see if you can link more than one site in the same post. Well, not just link them because of course you can do that. But will Google Index them? I’m not sure how I’ll know for sure, but it will be fun to try. I’ve been playing around with a couple of other ideas on my main blog at Networked Inc. You can skip the post about my dad  and playing too small and go to ones talking about “Microsites“. I think there are three of them. Maybe even more.

So far we’ve made three sites for our Metro Detroit Area Office Furniture Dealer client. The goal is to get them to optimize for the combination of words: office furniture sales in Metro Detroit. So click that to see one of the sites.

Another one of our clients sells cars. Specifically all Chryslers as well as Buicks and GMCs in the Detroit area. He recently decided he wants to offer Employee Pricing to Grand Rapids residents. So we built a microsite about it. It’s kind of cool.

We are also working with a friend of mine who makes and sells awards and trophies. We really want to focus on the Corporate Awards and Recognition piece and did a site about that. Take a look. This has been a very interesting learning experience. I will keep reporting on it on my main blog. Take a look if you’re so inclined. Feel free to let me know what you think. I’d be happy to chat with you!!

Be connected-

Terry Bean

Are you playing this life too small???

I think I am.

Who am I kidding. I know I am. But most of us are, right?

Sure we may have moments of greatness where we feel like we are playing to our full potential. But how often do those really happen? More importantly how do you have more of those? I’m reminded of the line “It only takes 20 seconds of insane courage” from the movie “We Bought a Zoo”. Add that to your daily recipe and see how much further ahead you are in a month and a year.

I think it many ways it comes down to knowing exactly who you are and who you are trying to be.

For most people there is a HUGE difference between the two. How often do we see people with plenty of G-d given talent that isn’t coming close to being realized in their daily life? It’s the same story over and over…”I love to do X, but Y is what pays the bills”. Curse you, you stinking bills!!!!

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching recently about BEing me and HAVEing what I want. They are both very tied to the DOing, aren’t they? I allow myself to frequently to NOT do the things I know need to be done. It’s because DOing those things is based on HAVEing…not BEing. It’s time to live a life that I will continually feel great about. Interestingly for me, that means helping others live a life they will feel great about too. My goal is to make sure my light shines so brightly that those who aren’t ready for it, may have to look away. Perhaps, those who are ready will step closer.

Part of my challenge will be to continually find new things to fuel that light. Fortunately, Timothy Gay posted an amazing video on Facebook the other day and tagged me. One of the last lines in this video summed up my greatest fears so well. It’s not really about playing too small, it’s about being scared to play too large. Truth is, anyone you’ve ever heard of has this fear and occasionally figures out how to conquer it.

Check out the whole video “The American’T Dream- The Purse Suit of Happyness” by @Sulibreezy. The man is a brilliant spoken word poet who is all kinds of deep. As an added bonus he has a cool accent 😉

Let me know about the challenges you face and if there is anything I can do to help move you through them.

Be connected-


There is Never Nothing Going On

One of the valuable lessons in the book “way of the peaceful warrior” is that there is never nothing going on. As you learn to live in the moment you begin to realize all that goes on in each moment you live. You will quickly understand that your moment affects the moments of those around you. It is on you to be responsible for the reactions you have to each one. You see, you don’t control the moment as much as you control how you allow it to impact you.

I have written numerous times about the difference between responding and reacting. This is just another way of saying the same thing.

As life progresses the one thing we seem to all agree on is that there will be change. In some instance you can affect it. In others, your only contribution
will be how you respond to it. Learn to be readily adaptable and you will find greater enjoyment out of life.

There really are only 3 rules of life:

  • Its a paradox in that it is a mystery that we will never understand
  • Its best to have good humor especially when it comes to matters of self
  • And that change is a constant to which you will eventually adapt.

Why not learn these things now and begin to choose the best parts for you?

Life is a play in which you are always the actor and often the director. See you get to direct the effects, but not so much the causes. You can direct the
reaction, but not always what caused the action. Realize what your role is and do your best at playing it out.

The fun thing is that your best will almost always be different based on the moment in which you are. Be cognizant of your surroundings and the signs which guide your way and make decisions that will best represent the person you want to be. You do know who that is, right?

It’s having a firm identity of your role in the universe at large that allows for the greatest success. Everyone has a gift or talent that others will value.
The cool thing is that most times, you don’t have to find them. If you put your talent out there and your WHY is strong enough, you will attract the right
folks to you.

You can attract those folks at any given time just by being in tune with the moment. Send them good will and prosperous thoughts. You will get them back.

The amount of nothing going on since I started writing this is staggering. It’s funny to me how you can be an active participant in the nothing or a passive
observer in the everything the moment has to offer. The only limitation put on the greatness of any given moment is the one you put.

Be connected

For the past 3 years I’ve been signing off messages with the phrase: “Be connected”.

Sure it’s great advice and has significant meaning to me, but does it really matter to anyone else? I think so. Here’s why.

To be connected is to be dialed into to the many aspects of life. It’s not just that because you have a message from me I want you and I to feel a connection. It’s deeper. Much deeper. It’s about awareness.

There are so many things to which we can (and some of them should) be connected.  During TEDx Detroit 2009 I delivered a presentation entitled “6 Degrees of Connectedness” where I pontificated that not only does 6 degrees of separation look at things backwards, but that there are 6 areas of life to which we need be connected. Those 6 areas are:

Self- This is the part that focuses on knowing who you are

Others- This looks at the importance of relationships outside of ourselves

Planet- Simple, it’s the only one we have and we’d better keep taking better care of it

Technology- Without it, you wouldn’t be reading this or doing scads of other things you do every day

Universe- Understanding that you are the master of your universe is a key pillar to success

Bliss, although I think I may change this to purpose moving forward- Both of these look at the real reason of “Why YOU are here”

Each topic above has several subtopics included. The video will help lay it out. I have a bunch of audio clips on each sub topic that I promise to share, or transcribe or make into a book at some point.

What are you most connected to right now?

What do you want to be more connected to?

I look forward to hearing from you.

As always…

Be connected-


The power of incentives in getting others to do what you want

Let’s face it, we can’t all be persuasive communicators or masters at motivation. When you’re not, how do you get people to do what you want?

There is major power in incentives. This video shares a couple of ideas.

1T (one thought) Seaworld understands incentives

I will be adding more to this post AFTER my Motor City Connect meeting on 2/5/13