If you’re like most people you will be or have been giving some thought to what went well in 2017 and what could be improved in 2018. What did you come up with? Every time I look at my life I find that I’m doing really well in 4 of the 5 pillars. What’s interesting is how I rotate through doing well in them. Let’s start by looking at what those pillars are. After that I will share a few big ideas on how be more productive and less stressed in the coming year.

When I look across my life I think about there being 5 main areas that require my attention. The more harmoniously these 5 areas work together, the more successful and better I feel. The 5 areas are:

Mental health– Possibly the most important on the list…what are you feeding your mind? I don’t care how you get information in: reading, podcasts, YouTube…whatever. Funny thing is I can tell whether you’re planting weeds or flowers by listening to you speak and looking at your environment.

Spiritual– Super straightforward as this is my relationship with our highest power. Not sure what you call it, or what you practice or don’t, but let’s call this how you relate to your place in the universe.

Physical health– This area is all about taking care of how my body feels. When I’m optimal, I’m drinking lots of water, exercising for at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 times a week and I rarely show signs of fatigue. Interestingly, the better work goes, the less time I make for this one. That 30 minutes becomes 5-10 and I do start to feel tired.

Relationships– Yes this is about your spouse or significant other. But it’s also about your relationships with your friends, family, kids, co-workers and most importantly yourself. If you start by working on that last one, you’ll be amazed at how well the others fall into place.

Work/finances– I suppose if I had a LOT more money, these may be two separate things…Like it my money was out earning me as an example. As it sits, they’re one and the same. I can tell you for sure that you won’t achieve “work-life balance” if you are not doing something you enjoy where you feel like you’re making an impact.


I’m actually borrowing this idea from Chris Brogan.  Every year Chris picks 3 words that are going to be his focus for the coming year. Consider them your guiding light. IF an activity doesn’t fit inside of these 3 words for you, DON’T DO IT. Pretty simple.

Just put together the tagline for our new company, S2M Ventures and it is: Dream It. Build It. Grow It.  If I can’t help you dream, build or grow in 2018, we are simply not a fit to work together. And if I can do all 3 of those, we are a perfect fit.


My best guess as to why most people feel so stressed is their inability to JUST SAY NO. It’s such a short word and yields incredible power. Warren Buffet is famous for saying that successful people say “NO” more. The reason they say NO more AND the reason they’re successful comes from the fact that they know where they’re headed. They know exactly what their 3 words are and how it relates to their goals. Hopefully you will too.

The other day I was looking for ideas to use to promote one of our companies, IgniteCAST which is an E-learning course creation tool. So I made this quick lecture on increasing productivity. Give it a look. You will learn a few of my favorite ideas for getting things done.

Fun for 2018
I’m excited about the products and teams I’ll be working with over the year. Mostly because it’s going to allow me to do what I enjoy most…helping others learn more, do more and be more. Send me a note and tell me what you’re excited about!

Cheers to an amazing 2018-

Terry Bean