My man Jeff Bajorek and I hopped on #blab to discuss the importance of communications. We looked at 4 areas that are improvement opportunities for most:

Content- Here we talk about making sure you’re clear on the message you’re going to send and who you want to receive it. If your content doesn’t hit your intended audience right between the eyes, they may never even know it’s directed at them.

Channels- Regardless how good your message is, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t reach your audience. We discuss the point about making sure that you’re using the channels they wish to receive the message as opposed to just the channel you like to send.

Clarity- This is a deeper dive into the content. So often what we said and what was heard are totally different.

Confirmation- This is the feedback loop where you as the communicator check in with your audience to make sure there’s shared understanding.

This video will be perfect accompaniment to your day. Put it on in the background and learn some new tips to communicate more effectively.