These rules were conceived by Charlie Curve and I in 2008 and have delighted and educated audiences numerous times over the past four years.

1. Ready. Aim. Fire.
Social networks reward early adopters. The rabbit wins. Every time.

2. Join all. Participate few.
Stake your claim on new networks where your prospects play.

3. PBO is the new SEO.
Ensure your Personal Brand is Optimized at every touchpoint.

4. There are several BE attitudes including: Don’t be that guy.
Social media is a conversation, not a sales pitch.

5. Feed your networks.
Your network needs fresh content to survive, thrive and drive business.

6. It ROIs or it dies.
Don’t invest a ton of time, energy and effort into networks with understanding what you get from them.

7. Find your golden ratio.
Share the megaphone and increase your own amplification.

8. Build your network before you need it.
Plant, nurture and grow your networks before you expect to harvest.

9. Tools are not tactics.
A scalpel doesn’t make you a surgeon. Hire the experts.