I’ve long joked that if you ask 10 people what Terry Bean does you will likely get 9 different answers. Hopefully our new website for uNetworked clears up some of the confusion.

I’m still going to speak and coachsult (and you can find details of that here on this site) but when I’m doing that I will be focusing on creating Disruptive Marketing solutions for our clients. I have partnered with one of the best technologists I know, Mike McClintock so we can leverage technology (we specialize in Agile development) and relationships to create real, measurable value for our clients.

We create more than just websites. We create digital experiences that our clients’ prospects and customers will love. We take the time to listen to our customers so we can understand who their target audience is and build technology that will resonate with them. We also understand how Google works well enough to make sure that when your prospects are searching online for you that you show up on page 1.

Understanding the psychology of people and the importance of metrics is what assures our successful campaigns. Another very cool thing about our company is we post our Pricing right on our website so you don’t have to ever wonder about the cost.

Feel free to click on IDEAS to see some of the big ones we’ve delivered so far. Be sure to check back often because this site is BRAND SPANKING NEW and more stuff will be added soon. And we’re quite sure you will love the IONS of digital marketing dominance that we’ve shared too.

If you’re looking for a new web presence, complete with social media, SEO and measurable results, be sure to contact us.