My standard answer to any question phrased like this is “it’s at a place that doesn’t end it’s sentences in prepositions”. Not surprisingly English majors and I am the only who finds that chuckle worthy.

Seriously, where is your money at? Do you know?

And let me be clear…I’m not talking about the money you already have. I’m asking about the money you’re about to or hope to receive. Your next money. The real money. The money that is going to help you sustain and enjoy life. From where will it come?

A challenge I see in many small businesses is that they are not only unsure where the next business is coming from, they’re not even sure why they got their last piece of business. It’s kind of like throwing crap on a wall to see what sticks (I’m not sure why this phrase exists, what it truly means of why I am compelled to use it…other than it does illustrate the point). Even if your lucky enough to have it stick, it’s still just a bunch of crap.

As business owners we often take on business we don’t really want because we need the money to grow. That’s fine…for a while. If you’re in the habit of doing that, it ultimately becomes a recipe for disaster. IF you’re good AND lucky, you can make some money for yourself and others prior to disaster striking. If you’re either good OR lucky, you’ll get to stick around for a bit and make some money for yourself or others. If you’re neither good nor lucky, well you can figure that one out.

What if you could simply focus on the sweet spot of your business? You know the part that you LOVE doing and your clients are thrilled with the work you deliver…yeah, that’s the stuff. If you got really clear on your business’s focus and intentions, you would find something very interesting…

Your money is likely in plain view. It’s right in front of you. Perhaps it’s swirling all around you. Are you aware enough to know when to reach out and grab it?

We spend a LOT of time “prospecting” for new business. In my post last week I discussed the importance of going deeper into existing clients and selling more to them. You also need to make sure your network knows exactly how they can do business WITH you and refer more business TO you.

It’s likely that you’ve been doing a good job helping your network. The question is are you doing a good job helping them help you? Are you giving them specific information as it pertains to what your needs are? Are you doing it with enough frequency as to keep them informed but not much as to annoy them? (IF your needs change often or you have a lot of them…don’t feel badly about sharing them often. It’s hearing the same need over and over again that cause question). I believe that you’re very safe posting one of your needs for every eight posts you share that engage others. If you’re adding REAL value (as defined by you and they, not me) you could get away with one out of five. Always remember to give more than you seek. It is important to note that sharing a way others can help you is one form of giving, it’s just not the only one on which you should rely.

The keys to knowing where your money is at are the following:

1. Understand who your ideal clients are
2. Use that knowledge to find good strategic partners
3. Create messaging that speaks represents your brand well and speaks to their needs
4. Share that messaging anyway you can with those who will “hear” it especially your current clients
5. Don’t assume your network knows how to help you. Tell them. Often.

So tell me, where’s your money at??