Terry Bean has a passion for helping others succeed. He has put this passion to good use, offering his consulting services and relationship marketing knowledge to hundreds of businesses and individuals across the U.S.As a professional networking consultant, Terry is able to provide you with valuable business networking knowledge that can help attract people, opportunities and profits which are the goals of almost every company currently in business.Whether you are looking to hire a networking consultant for a private company meeting or a keynote speaker for an upcoming event, you have come to the right place. Call Terry at 248.224.1326 to learn more about his services and book an event.For those of you interested in learning more about Terry’s tactics, check out Be Connected. It’s the latest book written by Terry that reveals all of the big business networking ideas that you can implement immediately. Looking to buy more than one? Call Terry directly.

“Terry hit the ball out of the park yesterday at the Troy Chamber’s Social Media – WTF (Why The Face) training session at Holiday Inn. He focused on the advanced techniques of LinkedIn, Facebook and Tweeter important for moving my business forward in an intelligent and extremely entertaining manner. I highly recommend utilizing Terry’s services to help your business take its social media marketing to the next level.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative – Claudia Mills

Claudia Mills

“Interested in expanding your knowledge of Social Marketing/Networking? If so, and you should be, I highly recommend attending one of Terry’s seminars on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. His presentations are dynamic, informative and thought provoking.”

Erick Tyack

“I attended one of Terry’s LinkedIn training courses and walked out of it with more than I expected! Not only did I leave with a thorough knowledge of how to use LinkedIn as a useful tool to connect and generate leads, but I also experienced proof of it. During the training Terry used a company I wanted to meet as a case study for his class. He found a connection within our networks, and 24 hours later a contact of his confirmed that her sister would get my information to the head of marketing of that company. Now that’s RESULTS! I highly recommend Terry and his training.”

Corey Beals

Loving Rant

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Presentation: Success is in Your F.A.C.E.

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Inspirational Speaker in and near Detroit

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Great Keynote Speaker in and near Detroit

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